Basically awkwardness: this one is for you, Abe!

Again, I am typing this up and posting it on Jake’s laptop. Thank you very much, Brother. Whoa, it sounds odd to call somebody brother. Never mind. Just thank you. Without you and your laptop, I would be forced to end the one hundred four day streak, and that would be bad.

Today was… uh, interesting. Here, let me touch on today’s mixed-up events and riffraff.

[1]This morning I woke up at about 9:30. Emma then informed me that our mother told her that Tommy, the SON of one of my mother’s old friends and whom I was friends with when I was in elementary school, also whom I have not seen or heard anything about for three or four years, is going to be going to my school next year. “That’s crazy,” I kept saying, over and over again like a mantra or something. And it was.

[2]The next unexpected surprise was that Tommy and his mother, my mother’s aforementioned old friend, would be stopping by for a visit. They ended up doing just that, at three something once my mother came back from picking up Jake from his new job at a grocery store down the street.

I really did not know what to expect from the visit. I mean, what do you say to somebody you once knew well but have not seen in who knows exactly how long?

In the end, it was just as awkward, if not more so, than I thought it would be. My mom did the whole hurry-and-clean-up-every-room-and-buy-lemonade-so-it- looks-like-we-are-the-perfect-family thing, which I find completely fake and downright ludicrous. Even more awkward was the fact that Tommy brought along his girlfriend and one of his older brother’s girlfriends, all of which were far more interested in Jake than me. Then again, I cannot really blame them. I am terribly shy and come off as not liking people because of it, whereas Jake has the whole ‘vegan music lover friendly free spirit’ thing going on. I ended up skulking off (is that a word?) and reading a book, which I will mention later to maximize the length of this to its full potential. At the end, after they left, my mother did the whole ‘why are you so antisocial? couldn’t you have been a bit more friendly? after all, Tommy will be your classmate next year…’ thing, the type of which she does quite often. Sorry, Mother, that I am so horrible at speaking with people and would rather read a book than lurk around while everybody takes an interest in Jake. Sorry I cannot hold a conversation well and end up seeming rude. I am working on it.

[3]Books: I read all of The Worthy today (okay- it had an excellent ending but there were way too many drugs, sex, drinking, and fraternity pranks in the mean time) and part of another book called The Bridge Between the River or something of that nature. It is quite marvelous so far.

[4]I finished watching Next today. The ending was not quite the candy-coated one I had anticipated. It sort of stopped right in the middle… kind of like It.

[5]My father, Jake, and Clara are going to Safeway right now to buy some ice cream. At 9:21 at night, that is kind of an odd thing to do, especially considering the huge storm going on right now, but I have been wanting some ice cream so no complaints there. The storm will be excellent for the redo knitting sleepover Emma and I are having tonight. I am not pretty far in my scarf- it is about four feet and I hope to make it six. I am hoping a lot, if not all, will get done tonight.

[6]On the storm rages as I turn these pages. That would be a perfect rhyme if not for the fact that I am not currently reading a book, unfortunately.

[7]Oh, I also read part of Woe Is I last night. It is good so far. I am going to compare it to another book I have to read, Eats, Shoots and Leaves. According to Amazon book reviews, the competition is split over which of the two is better.

Okay, this post is nearly long enough (oh goodness, how many times have I used that sentences? three or four, at least, recently; the summer is not very effective in developing my vocabulary, regardless of all of the books I have to read). Seven hundred thirty-five words at the moment. That is good- my goal is eight hundred for this post.

Hooray, today is Monday and that means only two days until Wednesday (or one, depending on how you look at it… or three, for the matter, if you count today, tomorrow, and Wednesday)! I am excited to see what we do next time, seeing as last Wednesday was such an adventure.

Oh boy, this post is long enough now! Farewell, my friends. May we meet again in a library full of wonderful hard cover leather-bound books we have never set our eyes upon before.

P.S. Ugh, I saw that there was a misspelling in yesterday’s post. It made me sick to my stomach when I noticed it- almost as bad as when I have to open the Tupperware cabinet at our house- it is full of haphazard stacks of plastic containers.


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5 Responses to “Basically awkwardness: this one is for you, Abe!”

  1. vegan music lover friendly free spirit Says:

    Tommy is a son not a daughter. Though he could be either if he chose to be.

  2. Val Says:

    You said Tommy was someone’s daughter, and then said that he brought HIS girlfriend.

    Is Tommy an alien child?


  3. supposedly Says:

    SON. Even humans make accidents (that is an ironic statement). I am correcting that right now.

    Jake, are you seriously reading this?

  4. vegan music lover friendly free spirit Says:

    When I opened Mozilla it was already up, so yeah.

  5. supposedly Says:

    Thumbs down.

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