Pizza, Lemon Bars, and Loads of Knitting

Our computer has contracted a ton of viruses so I cannot use it right now.  Thus, I asked my older brother if I could use his laptop and he luckily agreed.  Now I am typing this post up on it.  I am trying to type this up quickly before he decides he wants to stop playing the Kung Fu Panda Playstation II game and go back on his laptop.

Alright, let us see… today was yet another single activity sort of day.  However, instead of reading books like the other day, I knitted today.  I knit quite a lot, and I have started and gotten pretty far in a new knitting project, pattern compliments of one of my mother’s knitting books.

I am making a ‘wiggly worm scarf,’ which is basically a scarf that looks like a worm/snake/wiggly thing.  It is a nice bright green and is about two feet long so far.  I am going to knit more on it tonight and stay up pretty late in order to do so.  Emma and I are having a ‘knitting sleepover’ in the sunroom, both because of our new knitting projects and because Clara has lately been complaining about that fact that she has to share a room with both of us.  I think she just likes the idea of having her own room, not actually having one, though, because she has fallen asleep watching television rather than in our bedroom.  I do not think she likes sleeping in a room by herself.

So, the wiggly worm scarf… and, hmm…

Oh yeah, Emma and I made lemon bars!  Actually, they are called something like ‘creamy lemon delight dessert bars,’ but they are basically the same thing as lemon bars except perhaps a bit more puddinglike.  They are quite delicious, regardless of what they happen to be called.  They are actually from a mix that came in a box: my father loves lemon bars and will do anything for us to make them.  He even let us temporarily skip out on chores and such in order to make them.

For dinner we had Pizza Hut pizza, stuffed crust and extra cheesy goodness.  The deal was that we could get pizza if I agreed to call in the order.  My parents know how much I despise talking on the phone, especially when it involves talking to strangers.  Actually, I do not really like talking on the phone at all, even to friends and relatives and all.  It just somehow gives me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway, so I had to call the order in.  It was absolutely awful.  I was so nervous, even over the thought of a silly little phone call that only ended up taking a minute or two.  I kept thinking, ‘okay, the next moment I will make the call,’ but then I would hear a noise or something and procrastinate it over to the next moment.  In the end, I did do it, hence the Pizza Hut pizza for dinner.  The person who answered was named April, and I had to tell her that the order was under the name of Bill, which is my father’s name.  It is pretty awkward telling a stranger over the phone that your name is Bill,  I am probably over-reacting but it really was terribly nervewracking.  I kept thinking that they would say something like, ‘I’m sorry, but you are not allowed to make the call,” or something, which really would not have been that bad had it actually happened, but still… I am so tremendously shy about things.  I have been trying to work on that, really I have.

So, that is pretty much all that I did today, other than borings daily things like walking the dog and feeding the chickens and eating breakfast and all of that.

I think that once I finish with the worm scarf I will make a pencil scarf.  I saw this really amazing pattern for one, and now that I know how to decrease and increase I should be able to actually do it.

Wow, I have used the word ‘actually’ many times in this one post.

Um, hmm, let me think of something else to write about…

Oh yes, I remembered something: sleep paralysis.  I think that is what it is called… anyway, I heard about it last year from my Latin teacher and became terrified of going to sleep.  I am going to look up ways that it is caused in a moment because I have become even more freaked out about it tonight and I want to do everything I can to prevent it.

I think this post may be long enough now… I am not exactly sure on my brother’s laptop… I think the word processor is different on here.

Good night, good night, good night!  I am in for a long night of knitting now so farewell.

P.S. Does anybody have any marvelously fun ideas for things or projects or whatever to do over this summer?

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2 Responses to “Pizza, Lemon Bars, and Loads of Knitting”

  1. Laura Says:

    I also hate talking on the phone. It sucks.

    I was actually thinking about making a post on my blog about things to do when you’re bored. I shall do that once I eat a bowl of one in the morning cereal.

  2. supposedly Says:

    I checked it out. See comment on your blog.

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