It is almost exactly 5 pm at the time I am writing this first line.

I am writing this post while I have a spare moment to do so. Okay, so I have plenty of spare moments to write, too many to count, but most of the time there is somebody else on the computer and nobody is on right now, so I thought it would be the perfect time. Today I did even less than I did yesterday- I did not read books or anything, just loafed around basically. Therefore, I will try to think of some tiny, insignificant things I did such as brush my teeth (but hopefully a bit more interesting) to write down.

They are in no particular order other than the order they popped into my head, for your information.

[1]I made a tent with Lydia out of my bed. I sleep in the bottom bunk, in case you did not know, so it is rather simple to turn my bed into a tent. You just tuck in a sheet or blanket under the top bunk mattress and then you are good to go. We were not in the tent for long, just for about ten or fifteen minutes. Lydia and I played I Spy with the posters and random things on my wall, and we ate a little bit of popcorn and listened to The Beatles, and then it was over. What fun.

[2]We brought the chicks outside to their new home witht he adult chickens. They are getting to the size where they can easily jump out of their cardboard box inside, and it is also getting to be a bit cramped, so we decided it was time to bring the chicks outside. Poor little Archie got pecked at by Spot and Moe, who were not sure what she was doing out there. Now, though, they are getting along just peachily.

[3]We are going to be having Subway for dinner. Hooray for turkey and cheese sandwiches!

[4]After dinner we are going to be doing something fantastic that we have not done in a long time. Stumped? It is Bingo Night! For Bingo Night, my father buys bunches of cheapy toys and candies and whatnot and then they are set out on the dining room side table. We play bingo on the main dining room table and it is always a blast.

[5]I still have twenty-three books left to read, and only nineteen days left to read them. This definitely calls for a cram reading session one of these days… perhaps tomorrow, providing something terribly exciting and time-consuming does not come up in my life. Which I highly doubt at this moment in time…

[6]Ahhh, there is this pesky spam on our computer that keeps coming up. For a few hours, it said there were eighty-three viruses on our computer. Now that number has changed to one hundred three. I am continuously reminded of Oliver Caspian…

[7]Speaking of spam (or is is?), I have gotten three or four comments on random posts on here. They mostly have the same random jumble of words, “eutomous unadverseness prakritic infrastructure inobediently undeservedness ispaghul amylophagia,” and then some sort of website address. Does anybody have any inkling as to what these mean? I thought it was a joke of some sort, but they are from different people so I do not know…

[8]I have been trying to find a neat knitting pattern for a new project. Nothing has really caught my eye yet, other than a Dobby Sock bookmark thing which looks pretty cool. I have been wanting a vest, though, so perhaps I will make one for myself…

[9]It seems that Gatsby has a small obsession with yarn. This is not very good, seeing as there are many balls of yarn and half-finished projects throughout the house. He has chewed on a lot of them, somehow finding a way to get them off of the shelves, tables, etc.

[10]Oh my, this is crazy. All of a suddent I caught the scent of something like tuna fish… there is none in the room, or out of the room for that matter. How crazy.

Some things are so funny…

I believe I mentioned how in the You Don’t Mess With the Zohan movie they were randomly like, “meow meow meow meow,” right? Well, I told Lydia that and now she says it randomly as well. It is hilarious.

Goodbye now.

P.S. As I am finishing this, it is 6 pm. Provided (sorry, bad habit), that was after taking the dog out and plenty of other things, but still… that is pretty cool that it took exactly an hour.


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