A post in which I do not speak of much of anything (tags will be added later)

I am typing this up now so that I do not have to do it later. I doubt I will end up doing anything exciting this evening and I have nothing else to do right now. FOOLED

Today was the kind of day I spoke of yesterday- I kept thinking it was a school day and I stayed home to go to a dentist appointment or something. Speaking of appointments, I need to go to the orthodontist for an appointment for my braces- I have not been in a while.

Today I woke up around 9 am, I think.

I did not do much of anything exciting today, other than go to Walmart for a few groceries and stuff. Apparently, my mother has stopped deciding we cannot go to Walmart because its owners get out of paying their taxes.

Great Scott, I was just reminded of how overdone political jokes are related to George Bush. Bush will be out of office soon. And, yeah, he was a bad president and all, but somebody else will be there to pick up the pieces soon enough, so stop your yapping.

Ugh, now I am being reminded of how humans ruin so many things.

Oh boy, it is thundering outside. I wonder if… yup, the teepee has blown over. Joy.

Books, books, hooray for books.

Oh yeah, Laura’s long-awaited birthday present arrived in the mail today. I will be giving it to her whenever I next see her, which I hope will be soon (A copy of The Word Museum).

I threw away some of my school papers yesterday. It was so eventful that I completely forgot about it until now, when I tried to think of something I could write about in order to fulfill my quota. Hmm, let me think a second… I will need to think of a few more things to write about.

Oh, our strawberry plants have begun growing. Our blackberry bushes too, but I think I mentioned that. Anyway, there are a few strawberries but they are still pretty small. The peach trees will take a year or two to actually produce peaches, apparently. My cactus has not grown at all- my sister confessed that she actually put one of her cacti in my pot because I was upset at not having any seeds that grew. Too bad it did not root and just washed away when I watered it.

I remembered something to write about- my ant farm. The six or seven or so ants that were put in have actually tunneled! I mentioned this yesterday, I think, but it is still exciting. They have tunneled even more today, so I know that it is not just a little hole or something from the starter holes I poked.

Anyway, I do not have much else to say and this is nearly long enough now. I will type a bit more later, providing I have a chance to, in order to make it long enough.

And wow, I think this is the ninety-seventh post or perhaps ninety-eighth! Only a couple more until the hundredth!

Farewell now. Enjoy your evenings.

EDIT: AHAHAHA, I fooled you all!  I actually did have plants this evening- going to a surprise birthday party for Daniel!!!  I did not mention it here in case he happened to read it.

Anyways, it was a surprise birthday party of epic proportions.  I got him Apples to Apples and chocolate Skittles (which were surprisingly not that bad), and so we played that.  The game, not the Skittles.

It was at Danya’s house and it was lots of fun.  Daniel was tremendously surprised. 

We played Scrabble and made prank phone calls to people Valerie knows from Wisconsin, as well as other people not from Wisconsin.  Laura and I tried to prank call Hagrid but he did not pick up.

All in all, it was so very fun.  We made plans for Wednesday Club this Wednesday starting at 2 pm. 


P.S. For those of you (I will not mention names) who read but do not comment, do exactly what you once did not.  Please comment, and I will give you all high fives the next time I see you.  (And Valerie, I will not give you a high five- I am guessing you still do not want any)

P.P.S. Because Valerie reminded me to do so, I am going to put a picture of the construction paper bag I made on here.  I will be right back…

BACK: here it is:

The front and then the back (as if it matters which is which)…

And, because you all have not seen Archie in a while and I am sure you are all deathly curious, here is a picture I just took of her on one of the bookshelves in our library:

Is she not adorable?

Anyway, goodbye for real now.


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4 Responses to “A post in which I do not speak of much of anything (tags will be added later)”

  1. wallie Says:

    Hi Hope I was wondering if you and a couple of our friends called me today because I’am having a hard time figuring out who! I heard somone in the backround say the number of the day was 222 and a half so i figures it was you anyway glad your having a great summer so far bye!

  2. supposedly Says:

    Yes, actually, it was us! And yeah, that was me saying 222.5 was the number of the day. Celesthe was the one who called.

  3. Laura Says:

    Hello Hope!

    I am thorougly enjoying the book you gave me! Old word are so funny, and some I wonder why they were left out of modern English. I’m also happy because I gave Daniel a book from my personal library, and then you gave me another book! So my library is still the same size before I gave him the book! Yay!

    I went through all of my school papers the other day. I kept some stuff from the year (mostly poems from English class and things I might be able to use in the years that come) but most of it is getting recycled. I’m really excited for the new year! I really love school. Summer has barely started and I already want to go back to school. I’m sure that you feel the same way.


  4. supposedly Says:

    I am glad you like it.

    And you are correct, I do feel the same way.

    Ugh, I can never think of anything interesting to reply to comments…

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