A Conversation With Myself

I asked her how she was feeling.

“Fine,” she replied. “Other than the fact that another large chunk of my childhood just left me.

I am writing this post somewhat early because [a]my family is going out for ice cream later- there is some sort of discount because of THE END OF SCHOOL and [b]I have nothing else to do other than read, and if I begin reading now then I will forget about writing the post until it is too late and I cannot remember anything about my day.

Okay, list time…

[1]As I have already mentioned, today was THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I was so shocked when it ended, so absurdly shocked (that word may not fit in correctly, but it sounds like it would regardless of the meaning)… like the fun-loving people community spawns, the teachers or administrater or whatever decided to play Hallelujah on our way out of the school. They did the same thing at the end of middle school last year, but it was still funny.

I did not bring my backpack to school today, thinking I would not need it. See below why that was a bad decision on my part.

What I did in school today-

[first block]Child Development; we got our finals back and I received a 95%. I also got my portfolio back, but she did not tell us our grades so I will have to check on Pinnacle to find it out. As of half an hour ago, it was not uploaded.

After having the finals handed back, we did our healthy snack presentations. We were supposed to do them yesterday, but did not because of our finals. That is why I feel bad that my father drove the yogurt all the way to our school and was later for work for no reason.

After that was over, we straightened up the preschool. It was a humongous mess.

As I mentioned, I did not bring my backpack to school. This was a problem considering my Child Development Final Evaluation was still in my binder. Luckily, my teacher said I could bring it in later, which I did.

[block two]Algebra II; we took the multiple choice section of our final. I forgot my calculator, again because I did not bring my backpack, but luckily Wallie had one that he let me borrow. I bet he is reading this right now- Wallie, thanks- you saved my skin!

After the final, we had a sort of mini-party. Basically, people had brought in cookies and cake and brownies and stuff, and we ate them. I do not know anyone in that class, so I just read my book. The Nazi Officer’s Wife, in case you were wondering. It is not quite so sad as I thought it would be.

[block three]Gym; we did the same thing as the on Tuesday and Wednesday- we sat around in the gym, played cards, and guessed people from my yearbook. It is so nice, having time set aside to do nothing. This summer is going to be relaxing.

[lunch]Sarah, Daniel, Kaitlyn, and Lizzy were all at our lunch shift today because of taking finals or something. I sort of switched off between the two different tables they were sitting at. I do not know the whole story, but Daniel was wearing a banana king amulet or something like that. It was odd.

[block four]English; we got back two essays we wrote, the Nobody in Particular short story (actually, we got those back yesterday) and a timed writing assignment that I believe I described already. I received 100’s on both of them, which sincerly boosted my self-esteem, considering he told all of the people who complained for receiving 92%’s that only papers that he thought, “Wow, this is really profound,” received 100%’s. This made me so happy.

Besides that, we watched the rest of a movie we watched another time, Matewan. I did not choose to watch it, instead opting to read the aforementioned book. Once the movie ended, people who had brought in treats passed them around. Plenty of brownies, cookies, popcorn, and chips were eaten. A glass of milk would be lovely right now.

And then the school day was over. The crazy school day, with its lack of something… and the year was over, too, and that was sad.

[2]Tomorrow Valerie’s parental will be picking Sarah and me up and bringing us, along with Valerie of course, to the middle school. It is there that we will visit an old math teacher that will be retiring after this year, which for the middle schoolers ends tomorrow. It will be tremendously fun, I think. I may make a card if I can think of something nice and not clichP to write inside it.

[3]The last holiday of this school year was Red Rose Day, the last number 365, and the last word ‘finale,’ the concluding part of a perforomance. Fitting, I should say.

[4]I forgot about this- when I was dropping off my final evaluation sheet to my Child Development teacher, I saw that guy I met at Wednesday Club yesterday. It is crazy how, when you meet somebody, you suddenly see them everywhere.

Farewell, fledglings. (Do any of you mind being called fledglings? I think it is nice to use alliteration in good-byes.


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3 Responses to “A Conversation With Myself”

  1. Wallie Says:

    I Hope you were right I was reading hehe! Anyway your right the school day ended in an ordinary way no? Ok I’am going to go now Farewell!
    P.S. We can still do the words and numbers of the day OH and the holiday! Now Good bye!

  2. Wallie Says:

    sorry made a mistake I wrote I instead of HI

  3. supposedly Says:

    Ahaha, hello, Wallie. You have a cheerful way of writing. It makes me happy.

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