I think today may just have been the longest weekday ever.

I am not even going to explain the fact that this is going to be in a list format; that is sort of completely obvious.

[1]Unfortunately, I am guessing I captured the wrong type of ants for my ant farm. Despite my hoping they would tunnel and passing off every little dent as the start of tunneling, they just did not seem to want to. Additionally, most of them died. Pascal the Curious and a few unnamed siblings were still alive, but the rest were dead and encased in some sort of white coccoon. There was also a kind of bacteria slowly spreading throughout the gel, and I was just guessing that was not a good sign. In the end, I freed the ants and scooped out the germy gel. Finally, I put about six or seven new ants of a much smaller species in the ant farm. I am hoping they actually tunnel like they are supposed to, but so far they are just huddled in the corner all nervouslike.

[2]Today, unbelievably, was the very last day of required Gym for the rest of my life, and all we did was play rock climbing twister. I am extremely relieved that I do not have to go to any more Gym for the rest of my life. It is so exciting.

[3]Wow wowie wow, summer is almost here! That is the trillionth time I have said that, but it still shocks me. Three more days of school, and I will never be a high school freshman again.

[4]In the mail today, I received another check from Your2Cents.com. It was for only seven dollars, but that is still pretty excellent for answering a survey that only took me a few minutes.

[5]I finished reading Night today, which is good considering it is due tomorrow. It was a sad book, a very, very, very sad book. A marvelous one, but sad nonetheless.

 [6]After school today, I finished reading A Clockwork Orange. It was magnificent, absolutely magnificent. Or, as Alex would say, it was a choodessny book. It was funny and touching and meaningful and… everything jumbled up at once. Basically, it was crazy good. Now I just need to see the movie, and I will be all set.

[7]After finishing it, I took a nap. Yes, a nap. I have only taken one other nap this year. The nap, though only an hour, is what I think caused this feeling of the longest day ever. Ridiculous.

[8]In English today, we watched part of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! It was awesome. I love that movie. If we are lucky, we will watch the ending tomorrow. On the third-to-last day of school!!!!

[9]Hey, have you guys ever been to colorflip.com? It is amazing- I think the majority of you all would really, really like it. It is simple yet tremendously addicting. Just flip the pages and watch the fantastic bright colors flip across the screen! Drag the pages any which way and let go to turn the page. Check it out.

[10]The word of the day is xenogeneous, defined as ‘an outside force.’ The number of the day is 5050 and the holiday is Donald Duck Day.

Farewell, all. Enjoy your last days before summer hits!

P.S. Is it not pretty jokes that I just happened to include ten sections on many of my posts? Hooray for coincidences!

P.P.S Unfortunately, I have many mosquito bites. I am not entirely sure how I got them all, but they are there. There is one on my elbow that is humongous!

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