A Confusing Post Mainly Composed Of Humidity and Books

A few things I am telling you which you already know, along with their significance relating to my day-

Today is Sunday, and I did a few things more than I did yesterday, if that makes sense…

Alright, enough with the confusion. I am going to put some ideas and things about today in the simple list format now.

[1]I woke up at… hmm, I think it was around 9:30. My mind is a blank. Hey, that reminds me of blankislikeblank.com, this clever site of metaphors. I bet some of you would like it, Okay, it would be kind of impossible for nobody to like it considering how many people there are in the world, but still… never mind, I am being confusing once again. Sorry, I am in that sort of mood right now, I guess.

[2]It was another dreadfully humid day. Luckily I only had to walk Gatsby once, but I did have to watch Lydia while she played in the sandbox and it was perfectly awful. The house is not that much better, but enough that a difference is noted. Our bedroom is the coolest, seeing as it is small and the air conditioner is currently set at the lowest temperature. Seventy degrees is a nice temperature for reading a book that makes you think about things (see [3] below).

[3]I finished reading 1984. It was a really fantastic book, as I said, one that makes you think. The ending nearly made me cry, like most books I read these days, but then Emma called me out of the room for ice cream (see [4] below) and ice cream always makes things more cheerful.

[4]We had ice cream after dinner. I had heath bar ice cream with triple delight (whatever that is ) magic shell on top. Magic shell is fantastic. At one point, I knew how it hardened and all, but now I have forgotten and this just makes it all the more magical.

[5]I almost started a variety of different knitting projects, but in the end I did nothing involving knitting. What I really wanted to make was a pom pom scarf, but I ended up wrecking one pom pom I made and I did not feel like suffering through not only the heat of today but the frustration of ruined pom poms, so I stopped doing that.

[6]Two YouTube channels I have subscribed to (vlogbrothers and andieisdandie) have put up new videos. Hank’s enlightening song about monkeys (with pants) made my day a little bit brighter. I have yet to watch the other new video.

[7]Four more days left of school (count them- one, two, three, four!)! Oh my, I did not even realize that until just now.

[8]I finished writing my resumé for Child Development today. It looks pretty snazzy, with the uniform margins and font size and Times New Roman and all.

[9]Now that I have finished with 1984, I can begin A Clockwork Orange! I am quite excited to read this, as Rachel has told me how excellent it is.

[10]I am now going to watch the unwatched video and then do some other unremarkable thing which I have not decided upon yet. Farewell, anyway.


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2 Responses to “A Confusing Post Mainly Composed Of Humidity and Books”

  1. Laura Says:

    fdiosaj A CLOCKWORK ORANGE?!?!

    That’s a really good books and a really good movie.

  2. supposedly Says:

    Yes, that is what I have heard.

    I only just started it but so far it is fantastic.

    I wish our little group had its own slang to use. (other than nerdfighter slang, of which there is not much)

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