Frozen Food and a Letter of Recommendation

The word of the day is wallydrag, a noun defined as , ‘a highly worthless person or animal.’ Everybody had a field day teasing Wallie about it.

The number of the day is thirty-one and the holidays are National Doughnut Day, National Gardening Exercise Day, and National Yo-Yo Day.

We got sand for our sandbox this afternoon. I spent quite a bit of time making castles (more like mounds) in the sand. We also got some super bubbles. They are awesome.

I got my letter of recommendation from Schoder today. It is really lovely to know that he thinks so highly of me- he says I am polite and people respect me and I am very analytical and mature for my age. How fantastic!

Also in English, we wrote out last timed writing assignment. There were two basic prompts to choose from, one about a memorable experience from the other person (not your) point of view, and the other a fictional story of a few subjects. I chose the subject of outer space and wrote a four page story, much longer than I can normally write without typing something up. A basic summary of my story is below.

It starts out telling the background of the first humans in the world. Rather than two, as the legend goes, there were in fact four people. Two of them were more curious than the others, and they went out to explore. They came across a swirling vortex and got sucked inside it and transported to outer space, where they founded a planet called Second and began their life there. Many years later, the two leaders of Second, O and N, have a problem- their community, as well as them, wish to know what happens to their people once they die. The Secondian death ritual is to drop the deceased over the edge of the planet, where they are propelled downwards and land on Earth, where the descendants of the other two original people lived. The bones of the deceased become warped from the impact of the long fall and become what the Earthlings think are “dinosaurs.” The ending does not really solve the problem at all.

Anyway, I think I did a really nice job on it. I am hoping it brings the 89% up to an A.

Also about grades- my Child Development grade is an 88% and there is the portfolio due next week, so hopefully that will bring that grade up to an A as well.

My Math grade went up 1% from a quiz we took today (I got an 88% on it, though I should have gotten a high A- the teacher counted the last problem correct with -4 as the answer though I checked it and there were, in fact, no real solutions; oh well.). There is a final we are taking next week that the teacher says is simple, so I am hoping that will bring my grade up. It is, after all, worth 20% of our final grade.

We had this really late dinner of a variety of delicious (and also unhealthy, but hey, you only live once) frozen foods tonight. The meal consisted of pepperoni pizza rolls, mini honey crunchy corn dogs (NERDFIGHTER FOOD!), and cheddar and bacon chicken nuggets. It was great.

Today was the last Friday of the school year! How odd it is to think that summer is nearly upon us. This year was at the speed of lightning.

Anyway, I am going to take a shower now and then go to bed. Farewell.


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