No School, A Movie, A Book, and Chinese Food

I woke up at 5:38 this morning, I suppose subconsciously hearing my Ipod’s alarm clock. I stayed up for a bit, lying down, and then walked Gatsby before going back to sleep. Later, when I actually woke up, it was 12:37 pm, much later than I had planned to get up on my day off from school.

I knit more on my bag, the one I started a few months ago and then forgot about, and played Zuma for a little bit. Then, it was time for lunch- leftover chicken and rice.

Soon after, I watched the movie Tristan and Isolde. We rented it on Netflix about a week ago, and I had not yet had a chance to watch it. It was, to say the least, a sad movie. The ending nearly had me in tears, but I was not in the mood to cry so I did not.

Oh, and I think I forgot to mention this, but Jake put more music on my Ipod for me. There are quite a few artists I particularly like- mainly Captain Chaos and Arrah and the Ferns.

We just got back from dinner at a nearby Chinese buffet restaurant. It is odd, because we have gone there about once a month for over a decade (at least, my family has) yet they still ask us how old we are to know what price to charge. They have these crazy good almond cookies that I have always thought were homemade. But, today, I saw one of the people who work there taking some more out of a package to put on the famed Almond Cookie Plate.

The internet is not currently working but I am hoping that it begins working again before the end of tonight. Otherwise, let it be known that I have an excuse for not posting this on the date it was written.

I am monstrously excited for tomorrow, my last class of the day. It is English, and Schoder is going to be giving me my letter of recommendation. I am terribly anxious to see what he has written about me.

Lydia has these toddler gummies that are specially formulated to be easy to chew for when little kids are just getting their teeth in. Honestly, I tried one of them and they are delicious. I wish we had loads of them so I could eat them whenever I wanted to.

Other foods I wish we could have at any time- fruit gushers, carnation instant breakfast drinks, and maple sugar candies. Though, then again, I guess if we had them all the time then they would not be so special and scrumptious. Like about a year ago when we got go-gurts and it was so fantastic because they were so yummy and all. Then, though, we got a huge box from Costco. Still, they were good. That is, until we continued getting huge boxes of go-gurts from Costco. Eventually, nobody liked them anymore. Whereas they had formerly been a novelty, they were now something you could always have, like water or bananas (at least, at my house- we always have bananas, for some reason). Now, there are still go-gurts in our freezer from forever ago. I feel kind of bad for them, to be honest. But let us not think about that… the longest paragraph I have written so far has been about go-gurt.

I read a tiny bit more of Verbatim. There was a section about lexicographers and it made me kind of want to be a lexicographer even more than before… too bad the internet is out, or I would do some quick research on lexicography.

Wow, tomorrow will be Friday. What a quick week this has been… and only one more week of school left after tomorrow (actually, I think four-and-a-half days, but that is only if you want to get technical- a week is much neater to say and write)! And then… ugh, I am getting into that anxious upset excited frenzied ranting mood again… I am going to stop while I am ahead. Stop while I am ahead- what does that really mean, anyway? Usually, people tell others to stop while they are ahead when they are actually not even ahead, much like I just told myself to do so when I was not, in fact, ahead of anything.

How crazy language has become…

This post is long enough now, so I will stop. I have nothing more to say, anyway.



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