I do not know whether to be happy or sad.

Yeah, I am feeling kind of lousy right now… yet, simultaneously, this has been an amazing day. I am sort of confused. List format, because it will make it easier to explain everything.

[1]So, my older brother decided that he is not going back to Goucher next year. Instead, he is going to get a job and buy a car so that he can drive up to the community college, which is about a half hour away, I think. Though, given the events lately, I am not so sure he actually wants to do this. I think he is only doing this to go along with what my parents want him to do. I guess because they did not get opportunities to finish college and all, they are making sure that we are able to. They just want the best for us, and that is understandable… still, you should hear some of the things they tell Jake- they said he could not go on tour with his band in July, for some reason or another. They said that if he does not get a job by the end of the month… I do not know the consequence- they never finished saying it. All, to which Jake responded with valid claims. And, I mean, really- he is eighteen years old, nineteen in a few months. They told him that if he goes on tour with his band (only for a week or two) then he is throwing away his future. And, honestly, I see no way that touring would throw away his future at all. My parents, however, are very opinionated. Jake is, too, so naturally they get into some pretty awful fights. Pretty much my entire family is tremendously stubborn, so that does not help either. I just do not know… I mean, it is his life, and they cannot really tell him what he has to do anymore. Still, Jake told them that he does not have to live in our house- he could move in with a friend. My parents had all sorts of counter-comments to this, and, honestly, I hope he does not leave here. I am pretty much alone in my house with a lot of my views, and Jake knows a lot of things about them and other things. Even though we barely talk, just having him in the house is more comforting, somehow. He does what he wants to do, he does not care what other people think, and I admire him for that. He is just… such an amazing person, and I hope he does not get into a even more major fight with our parents and do something dumb like… I do not know, never stay in touch or something. That would be awful. I basically just hope he does something he likes and has a good life with whatever he ends up doing.

[2]Wednesday Club was today- we were originally going to make giant Tetris pieces like I mentioned yesterday, but for some reason we did not. There were other things to talk about, and we ran out of time, and there is plenty of time to make giant Tetris pieces. Perhaps I will make them tomorrow (There will be no school because of the Senior graduation- all of the teachers will be at it, therefore defeating the purpose of going to school in order to learn.) and then bring them to next Wednesday Club, the very last one of the year. That is, unless we end up doing something over the summer or something.

[3]There was/is a huge storm today. We went into Giant and it had started to drizzle a teensy bit, and a few minutes before we went out to walk next door to the library, there was this huge gust of wind. The automatic doors blew open and they had to turn the automatic thing off and people had to push them open like in the days before automatic doors. It was pouring rain like crazy, but it stopped soon thereafter. One of those freak storms, I guess.

[4]During Wednesday Club, we spoke a lot about our futures and classes and such. I do not particularly like these talks, because I always end up second-guessing my future and what I want to do with college and the rest of high school and all. I think I will end up being a preschool or kindergarten teacher, but I really do not know. I would also like to be a writer, and own a used bookstore, and plenty of other things. I guess that sets the average amount of jobs one has in their lifetime- according to Schoder, it is three.

[5]I read more of Verbatim today. It is getting to be rather interesting. In English, we got a new book called Night. It is the true story of a man living during the Holocaust. Even on the first page, I nearly started crying. It is such a depressing book.

The holidays are Applesauce Cake Day and Hug Your Cat Day. The number of the day is eighty-five and the word of the day is verbicide (a deliberate distortion of a word [as through punning- I am guilty of that many times over]).

Now, I am going to attempt to write a long-postponed continuation of Numbers Oppenheimer’s story. It is partly inspired by somebody outside of Giant today who was carrying loads of balloons. Here it goes…

After a swift and clean escape (in Numbers’ book, that meant that nobody had died- a few bones were broken, but they were in a hospital, after all), Numbers grabbed his fedora off of the hospital coat hook and was well on his way to his destination.

The supermarket was not too far away, and after sniping some kid’s electric scooter (It was really rather easy to intimidate somebody when you had a cane like Numbers) it was even simpler to get there. Upon arriving, Numbers scoured the parking lot for an ideal victim- somebody who was not too strong as well as not likely to know somebody involved in the law. That meant no cousins of police officers or nephews or nieces of lawyers. Unfortunately, that cut out quite a lot of people, but there were always plenty of people carrying balloons.

Numbers noticed somebody who was the perfect fit- a twenty or thirtyish guy with a crew cut, carrying about a dozen voluminous helium-filled balloons. They were of various colors; red, orange, and blue among them. “Too bad there are no chartreuse-colored balloons,” Numbers thought, but he knew that the ones in view would have to do. After all, it is never wise to be too picky when you are trying something risky involving balloons.

Numbers made his way, deliberately slower than usual, over to the young man. “Excuse me, Sonny,” he said rather creakily. “Could I have a word with you?”

The young man looked to his left and his right to make sure Numbers was speaking to him, and then he nodded. “Sure thing,” he said in an agreeable voice (at least as agreeable as one can be when randomly spoken to by a man with long purple hair). “What can I do for you?”

“I am doing a survey on balloons,” said Numbers. Always such a good improviser, that old man was. “And I was wondering if I could ask you a question about your balloons.”

The young man thought for a moment. “That sounds simple enough,” he replied.

“Sure it does,” Numbers thought with a smirk. “The question is as follows: What does a balloon look like when it is popped?”

“That is a tough one,” the man said as he scratched his head. “I cannot say that I have an answer for that.”

Numbers smiled secretly and pulled a thin, nearly invisible needle out of his fedora.


The sound ricocheted off of the young man’s ears. He looked at Numbers in surprise, his mouth open in awe.

Numbers grinned. “Now you do.” And he was gone.


Wow, how nice and long this post is.

Good night now.


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