“And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.” -Plato

Thanks to Laura and a few other people and events, I am feeling much better and less stressed out today. For one, my aunt Megan and her fourteen month old daughter, my cousin, Vita came over this evening. Vita is absolutely adorable. Additionally, my uncle Ray came over from North Carolina on a business trip. He is one crazy cat. I wish I had red hair like he does, but unfortunately we are not related by blood. He is actually my step-uncle. Anyway, on to more pressing matters…

There are only six or seven days left of school. I have no comments about that that I have not already said before.

Boy, what joy, tomorrow is Wednesday Club! I am hoping we will be able to make giant Tetris blocks and film them for the project mentioned on vlogbrothers. It is at http://youtube.com/watch?v=PrVcACas844, in case you have not yet seen the video.

Now, as for the main part of today (in the list format I have grown to love)-

[1]My older brother (along with, partly, my father) is being truly infuriating. He was actually reading this over my shoulder… I mean, what nerve to do that. I always thought he was a trustworthy sort of person, but I guess not as much as I thought. Other than this, he has been asking me these questions… for example, my welovecolors socks have to be hand-washed in a sink. The main bathroom’s sink is almost always in use, meanwhile my parents’ bathroom sink rarely is. So, naturally, I used that sink to wash my socks in this evening. My father yelled at me for doing so, and said I can never wash them in there again. You know, because it is cool to be possessive of a bathroom you barely use. Anyway, so my father comes in the room while I am typing this and does the yelling thing, to which I reply that if I cannot wash them in his bathroom, then I will not be able to wash them at all. He mumbles something unintelligently and leaves the room. Jake immediately gets all in on the situation: he asks me why I need to wash the socks. I tell him I want them to be clean or they will be dirty (obviously) and he asks me who says that they need to be clean, and I say that I do. He has lately been asking such questions.

[2]My grandmother acts like such a phony sometimes. Today, when Uncle Ray came over (he is her son), she decided that she would act like she always helps us with everything- calling us ‘sweetie’ and cooking dinner (which she never does)- the whole entire caboodle. Meanwhile, she usually does pretty much nothing all day. It is annoying, how people put on false faces when different people are around them.

[3]I did a lot of my Child Development portfolio today, both in class and at home. Now, I am confident that I am on schedule (possibly ahead of it) and will finish with time to spare- unlike yesterday, when I was, as I believe I put it, ‘truly overwhelmed,’ or something like that.

[4]In Gym today, we took the ‘final exam,’ which consists of copying the answers from our book (of questions we did throughout the term and could work together on) onto a scantron. Pointless, that exam is.

[5]The word of the day is unctuous, an adjective defined as, ‘characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness.’ The holiday is Repeat Day (I said Repeat Day… sorry, that gets old fast), and the number of the day is nine thousand, three hundred ninety-three.

[6]Oh yeah, I finished The Catcher In The Rye today. It was rather hilarious, and I think I shall add it to my favorite books list. As Laura said, it is a book that you either love or hate. I loved it, no matter how overrated it is made out to be in other instances.

Goodnight now, everybody. I must be off to other things.


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