I feel kind of overwhelmed right now.

There are a bajillion things happening at once and they are making me feel stressed out and overstimulated. A few of the many are below (kind of in a least to most important order)-

[1]I started reading Catcher In The Rye today (I found it in with the many finally unpacked books, if I did not mention that) and I really want to continue reading it, but unfortunately I have many other things to do and would not be able to settle down and read for a time.

[2]Threadless is having another sale, and they always stress me out a lot- there are so many shirts I wish to buy but I have no money to purchase them with. Additionally, there is a ten dollar shirt on fredflare that I wish I could buy.

[3]There are only about eight days of school left and I have three Bs (two of them are nearing As, however, but the third is nearing a C) and only one A. This is stressing me out tremendously, as having Bs will bring down my grade point average, which will haunt me for the rest of high school and when applying to colleges. Plus, I do all of my homework and everything yet there are many kids in my classes who do not and still get As. It annoys me that they get a better grade than me without even trying.

[4]In Child Development we are going to be working on our portfolio tomorrow, and there are oodles of things to do that need to be included in it. I am afraid I will miss something and up losing part of the twenty percent of my grade final portfolio, thus bringing my almost-A down even more so.

[5]I received a D on a math quiz I got back today, and I absolutely hate failing. I thought I did moderately well, but I guess not. It only brought my grade down one or two percent, but this caused it to become dangerously close to a C. Luckily, my teacher may be offering a retake, but unluckily this will only serve to add even more stress to my plate.

[6]Besides that quiz, there are a variety of finals and tests nearing in my other classes. I fear that I will do horrible and end up bringing my grade down loads in the last few days.

[7]I am afraid of my life being over before I know it has ended. I am getting older every second, and I have become increasingly aware of my own mortality lately. I am going to die someday, and my childhood is ending soon, and then I will have more responsibilities which will only bring on more stress, and… ugh, I am so sick of running out of time for everything.

On a much nicer note, I think Schoder liked my short story. I read it aloud in class today, and, astonishingly, everybody was quiet while I read it. When I was done, Schoder made a comment about how interesting it is how there are so many different levels of aesthetic development (or something of that nature) in the writing skills of our class. I am pretty sure that means he liked mine. Most of the other stories read today were about mountain climbing, for some odd reason. This comment served to cause me to become even more impatient as to what he will write about me in my letter of recommendation.

Gosh, I want a job.

Sorry for ranting and rambling and prattling on and on on matters so trivial in the big scheme of life.


EDIT EVEN BEFORE POSTING: I completely forgot to mention the things of the day; the number is eight hundred twenty-one, the holidays are National Bubba Day and National Rocky Road Day, and the word of the day is tommyrot (a pretentious or silly way of writing).


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2 Responses to “I feel kind of overwhelmed right now.”

  1. Laura Says:

    Oh Hope. I shall leave you with this:

    1) Catcher in the Rye is good, but not exceedingly good. Although, it seems to be one of those books that you either really like, or really dislike. If you miss out on the Salinger, it’s probably all right.

    2) You have just introduced me to FredFlare. I shall be looking at it more after I finish writing this.

    3) I wouldn’t worry too much about getting some Bs your freshman year. A B is still above average, and I’m sure they won’t haunt you too much. It also really annoys me that I sometimes get the same or worse grades then people who don’t try at all. It’s not fair at all.

    4) Um, I have nothing to say here. I’ll just put a smiley face. =)

    5) Take it from a person who has failed great many a math test. You’ll forget about it within a week, trust me.

    6) You will do fine on your finals, I’m sure of it.

    7) Me too, Hope. Me too.

    I hope that left you somewhat more relaxed. Have a lovely evening.

  2. supposedly Says:

    Thank you very much, Laura. That comment definitely left me more relaxed. I am feeling much better this evening.

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