The Second Post

Ugh, I typed up nearly the entire post and then WordPerfect 11 decided to close on me. Therefore, I am now using this online word processor I discovered- the page is nice and simple and will hopefully be more consistent than WordPerfect. Plus, it has not yet put a red squiggly line on a word that is an actual word like WordPerfect does due to a dictionary lacking many words, I suppose. Anyway, what I said in the original post (at least from my memory) is below.Upon taking a look at the clock on the computer a moment ago, I was shocked to find that it was already six-thirty. Boy, this day has gone by fast, and I barely did anything. At least, not anything I planned on doing this weekend, other than a bit of reading. What I can, however, remember doing (though not very interesting or productive) is listed in bulleted format below.
[1]I woke up rather early this morning (soon afterwards going back to sleep) because I had a horrible nightmare. I seriously woke up crying my eyes out, which has never happened to me before. Sure, there have been times when I felt like crying, but I never actually have because of something occurring in a nightmare. This particular nightmare is becoming hazy for me, but I do recall that it involved something my mother did to me involving being locked alone in a room and not being able to breathe properly. It was terrifying.What is ridiculous about my dreams and nightmares is that, once I am awake and thinking about them, they sound almost laughable, even though, while having them, they seemed one hundred percent real. When I woke up from this particular nightmare, I could not believe it- I had thought whatever was happening had been happening in real life.[2]Unfortunately, Lydia is sick today. She has been alternating between her sweet, happy baby mood and her cranky, I-wish-you-did-not-exist mood. Other than that, she has been sleeping and playing with the chicks (which are getting big quickly, by the way- it seems like just yesterday Archie was a tiny ball of fluff, and now she is a slightly bigger ball of fluff and is losing her fluff and growing in her adult feathers).[3]I just finished playing a marbles game with Benny and Abie. I lost miserably to Abie, but was only five or so points behind Benny. It was funny because we set up obstacles for the marbles to pass through before getting to the marble tunnel, including a play miniature pony and a hop across tic-tac-toe game.[4]Clara was supposed to be performing with her school’s band at Hershey Park today, but as soon as they arrived it began to thunder and rain, causing them to have to eat a quick lunch and then go home. This meant that my parents felt sorry for her and allowed her to have her friend Mindi over until dinnertime (though I think she may end up having clothes and such dropped off and spending the night).[5]I finished reading Girl With A Pearl Earring today. The ending was even better than I remembered it being- it was the sort of ending where you do not know whether you should laugh, cry, or possibly both.Additionally, I read Letters To President Johnson, a book from the 1960’s that includes many humorous letters sent to Lyndon Baines Johnson during his presidency, which were then handpicked to be included in the book. It is a really amusing book and I quite enjoyed reading it. There are a variety of other gem of a books that I have discovered my parents unpacked and put on our library shelves. I have stashed them away to read right away.

I do not believe I mentioned this, but Laura is letting me borrow this awesome book that I have been wanting to read for awhile after seeing it on Amazon- it is titled Nerds and subtitled “Who They Are And Why We Need More of Them.” The point is, I began reading it and it really is excellent. Thank you, Laura.

[6]I searched for the game Mario Party for Nintendo 64 on Ebay and Amazon- there are a few compelling sales.  I also searched on both sites for Venus Fly Traps as well as a few other carniverous plants.

[7]We are about to eat dinner (Chinese food- hooray!) so I must bid you farewell.





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