Hmm, huh, what did you say? What a day, what a day!

That could possible be the dumbest title ever. The only significance to today is that today was an excellent day, hence the ‘what a day…’ part.

It was Wednesday Club day, and that was nice. I bought tropical seltzer water and it was very good.

Hmm… well, the number of the day is eight-seven. The word of the day is quagswag (to shake to and fro) and the holiday is Amnesty International Day.

A new Pizuzu Project video (the second week’s one) was finally uploaded. It is so strange to see us all so many weeks ago.

We got our yearbooks at school today. They are over a hundred (and possible over two hundred) pages long and cost eighty dollars. I actually did not wish to buy a yearbook because they were so expensive and the money could be better spent on other things, but my mother took it upon herself to order one for me without my knowing.

Only a little over two weeks left of school. It is hard to believe.

I am over halfway done with There Are No Children Here. It really makes you think about things and being grateful for everything you have.

A band from New York was at my house for a brief amount of time. They are new friends of my older brother. One of the members, a girl whose name I do not know, had this fantastic pink hair. I really wish my parents would allow me to dye my hair. Actually, I would still prefer to get dreadlocks, but they still have not agreed to it. One of Jake’s friends who had dreadlocks, Lance, cut his off recently, and now they are convinced this is something negative about them. Not very good for my cause.

Hooray, Laura’s birthday party is this Friday! It is nearing every moment (yeah, obvious, but it sounds sort of poetic in some way) and I simply cannot wait! Best of all, it will be six hours long and I will get to meet Sabrina. Alright, I said that another day… sorry, I just find that my thoughts are very repetitive and I end up saying the exact same things over and over again.

Today I wore my hair a bit differently than normal, and tons of people thought I got a haircut. It was crazy… I kept having to explain to them that I merely usually have my bangs pinned back, but I guess they were not into listening to me talk because the majority of them did not say anything back and either turned or walked away from me.

Again, I did not check out any books from the library today. I have plenty to read before I get new ones. There is a monstrous stack on my bookshelf just waiting to be read.

I will probably not have a chance to add tags on here, because of time constraints. I will add some at a later time… because, you know, I lost the computer and am sneaking on here.


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