My mother found this and I lost computer for tomorrow as well.

I barely had to go to school at all today- just Child Development for an easy hour-and-a-half, where we put on a puppet show, and then I left. The reason was a doctor’s appointment. I really do not like the doctor’s office all that much. I had to get two shots, and they hurt like twin burning rings of fire. Or a monkey’s uncle, in the more realistic sense, whatever that feels like.

We got to go to Chipotle for lunch, which was delicious as always. I got the usual steak tacos.

After lunch (where Lydia acted super wild) we went to Kmart, seeing as the only class left was English and we rarely do anything in that class except listen to Schoder talk. I got black pants and a white shirt there, because the preschool graduation is tonight and that is the uniform. I am going to be reading a poem there, though I have not even seen what it is yet. My teacher is the ultimate procrastinator.

Once we got home, I played chess with Benny. Somehow, I guess from watching Abie, Clara, and I play, he learned how. That kid is a baby genius, let me tell you… the first game I won, but just barely, and he won the second! At a mere five years old, Benny beat me at chess. Crazy talk, that is.

Hmm, let me think of what else I have to say before somebody catches me on here… after all, apparently, I do not get computer back until tomorrow morning.

Well, the number of the day is six hundred forty-five, after the time of Gatsby’s second scheduled walk of the day. My scheduled times to walk him are 6:00 am (right after I wake up) and 5:50 pm.

The holiday is Sun Screen day, which is ironic considering so many people at school today came back from the Memorial Day weekend with dangerous-looking tans. Sun cancer, you have some new victims.

The words of the day are ontotonto (a fool in search of meaning) and paedarchy (government by children- sounds cool, huh?).

Uh, we are having lasagna for dinner -as if that is exciting- it is much too humid out for lasagna. Actually, it was drizzling for a bit, but it has stopped by now.

…(was never finished)

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