I am actually sneaking on the computer right now in order to get today’s post in. I lost it for leaving a dumb marker down where Lydia was able to find it, and apparently the punishment for that is losing one day of computer. I barely go on the computer anyway, except to type up nightly posts and occasionally to talk to my friends and whatnot, so it is not a very good punishment anyway.

Today was a nice day. Instant Movies on Netflix finally began to work on our computer, so I watched Butterflies Are Free and about half of Singin’ In The Rain, both of which are really good and made me feel quite happy.

I also played more chess and won most every time. My Aunt Didi came over for a bit and we showed off Gatsby and the chicks. I played outside with Benny and Lydia and we pretended we were going to the zoo.

Oh, and I made this really fantastic t-shirt folder machine like the one taped here: It folds t-shirts like an absolute pro.

I also read this jokes book that I never knew we owned- it is full of interesting facts! Additionally, I came across plenty of books in our newly-organized home library that have been packed away for years that I never knew about, including a few books my English teacher recommended to our class.

Alright, now I am being mighty risky. I just got caught on here and lost it for five extra hours (as if that would make a difference) so I am being super sneaky in order to finish this.

Did you know that there are bout nine hundred earthquakes occurring every hour, only most of them are too light for humans to feel them? I learned this and more from a book I am currently rereading, titled 101 Things You Need to Know. I am also going to attempt to learn the presidents in order from this book.

Ugh, tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment. Though I guess, in a way, it will not be that bad because I will get to miss Gym class.

I read more of What Would Socrates Say today. It is quite interesting. I need to hurry up with my reading or I will have to return books to the library unread.

Tomorrow night is the preschool graduation. It should be… uh, interesting- the kids do not really know th-


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