A Sunday Out Of The House

I woke up quite a bit later than usual- around 11 am, whereas I normally wake up around 9 am on Sundays. A small amount of time after I woke up, I found out that my parents, Lydia, and Abie were going to go out for a few errands. I had not been out of the house for a while and decided I wanted to go as well.

Our first stop was Costco. There are a few interesting tales to tell from that trip- a.) some woman said Lydia looked very familiar and b.) an old man said he liked my neon green socks. He laughed after telling me that, so perhaps he was mocking me, in a way… I told my parents each separately and they asked whether he was blind.

Also at Costco, (well, actually, on the sidewalk right near Costco) was a homeless man holding one of those signs that ask for money. I would have given him all of the money in my wallet (not very much- only around five dollars or so), but my parents drove away before I could say something. Someday, when I actually have a car and such, I am going to stop and give money to every homeless person I come across. Seriously.

Speaking of cars, I keep seeing these fantastic-looking cars around town. My mother says they are called ‘Smart Cars.’ She said that, although they get many miles to the gallon and are also a lot cheaper than normal cars, they are very dangerous and would not be safe if they were to crash. Apparently, she is wrong about that. I just looked them up, and they have the highest safety rating available for front seat and passenger seat collisions. I would really like to get one once I save up enough money and, of course, am old enough to get my driver’s license. The yellow one looks amazing.

The next stop was Common Market, an organic/healthy foods store. We went there mainly to find things to buy for Jake to eat, seeing as he is vegan and does not have much to choose from in the ways of vegan food from the normal grocery store. In the end, we got him vegan hot dogs, some sort of grain, and a few other things.

The last place to go was Giant, the very same one my friends and I visit before our weekly library trips. The highlights of that place were getting honey wheat twist pretzels, gummy fruit slices, and smiley face potatoes. Another nice thing was this little girl wearing a flannel, button-up shirt and a sparkly bow tie. I kind of hope my own kids are like that when I am older.

I am still searching for rain boots. At Costco, they had a few pairs, but they were in drab navy, grey, and black shades and nothing like what I want to get.

I found two perfectly lovely pairs online- one that is red with black spots and a ladybug face (either that or the similar froggish pair) and another on Ebay that are these short, bright yellow “rain sliders,” whatever that means.

I actually really wanted to go into the Goodwill place and see if they had any interesting clothing, but Lydia was becoming fussy and my parents did not want to go in to it. My father claimed the place ‘smelled.’ I mean, honestly, what does he expect, the used clothing and such to smell like a field of daisies?

Hmm, it seems that I actually have quite a bit to write about on Sundays- none of that random jabberwocky of the uneventful week days.

My mother said she would think about purchasing some fake snow from Amazon for our family to play with- would that not be the most spectacular thing ever? I mean, that would seriously thrill me to no end.

Ooh, luckily, it was drizzling a bit today. Unfortunately, it has since then stopped, but it was nice while it lasted.

Well, I am off to read (I finished The Snows in the car on the way to Costco) and eat a gummy fruit slice- that is my favorite candy of all time (the second favorite being those sour Lifesaver gummies I believe I mentioned buying from Giant during Wednesday Club). I hope the rest of your weekends are fabulous, just as I am sure you all are.


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