I Am Terribly Sorry To Bother You, Sir, But It Seems That Your Head Is On Backwards

Hooray, hooray, we are having Chipotle for dinner!

Today I made thirty-three bag’s worth of plastic bag yarn. I am going to make a reusable grocery store /book bag and have started already.

I also read for a while and made another typography-themed t-shirt design.

It is pictured below on a t-shirt from zazzle, along with my first design. I just wanted to see what they would look like on actual shirts.


Did I tell you that my ant farm is going to arrive on Monday? Naturally, I am extraordinarily excited.

Mine and Emma’s sister scarf if about a foot long. It looks pretty darn snazzy, what with all of the bright colors splashed together.

Golly, I am so upbeat right now. Pollyannaish, cheerful, affirmative, positive. Whatever WordPerfect 11 wishes to call happiness, I am.

Did I mention that my older brother gave me a pillow yesterday? He has gotten really into thrifty sort of things lately. At his college, somebody was throwing away this huge pink pillow. Not wanting to see anything to go to waste, I guess, he took it and brought it home. While I was at the computer last night, he brought it in the sunroom and asked if I wanted it. Obviously, I did, and it is very comfortable indeed.

Oh gosh, I can not really think of anything more to say… hmm…

Well, my grandfather has recently taken to being very moody… at least, more so than usual. Earlier, my grandmother showed him the Chipotle menu online and asked what he wanted. He took the computer from her and proceeded to click a bunch of things until the screen no longer showed the menu. “What do I do now?” he asked. “Here, let me see,” she responded. She looked at the computer screen and then said, “Well, you closed the window.” He began yelling at her quite rudely and said he would not have if she were not acting like such a control freak. I mean, really… it was ridiculous. I would say they acted like an old married couple but, well, they are an old married couple… so, yeah. I am really reaching for things now… I am sure that was not of much interest to anybody.

Hey, did you know that the following sets of words are interchangeable? I looked them up after wondering.

Someone and somebody

Everyone and everybody

Anyone and anybody

Nobody and no one

Out loud and aloud

Yeah, I had no idea when each were more appropriate to use but, apparently, they can be used interchangeably. Interesting, huh, what strange rules there are in the English language? Americans are truly messed up…

Boy, that reminded me of how people in other countries generally hate Americans. They think of them as fat, ugly, and stupid. And, generally, they almost always are. I kind of wish I were not an American, at least not in my next life.

Anyway, this post is long enough already and I want to get back to my reading. It is a book titled The Snows and it is quite interesting.

So long, suckers.

Just kidding.

P.S. Oh my goodness, I just saw this picture on tinypic and it was too good not to share.  It is optical-illusion-like, too, so double the awesome it is.

Farewell for real, now.


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