The Reasons I Am Happy and How Easily Upset I Become

The color of the day is scarlet, the holidays are Frog Jumping Day and Leprechaun Day, the letters of the day are A and B, the words of the day are acopic (meaning ‘curing to relieving fatigue’) and ballyhoo (meaning ‘blatant or sensational promotion’), and the number of the day is seven thousand seven hundred seventy-seven. It is rather sunny outside, but I am in a delightful mood nonetheless- there are many reasons, a few of which I will list below.

[1]Tomorrow is Wednesday, meaning another edition of the Wednesday Club

[2]I am wearing neon green socks, which always make me happy

[3]I think I may have gotten one hundred percent on my Algebra II quiz today

[4]I am feeling particularly in love with typography and color right now

[5]I am wearing a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt and this too makes me happy

[6]I am going to make something spectacular once this post is done

So yeah, obviously, as I mentioned and all, I am having a lovely day.

I finished Book of Reasons and am almost done with Teen Inc., which is great because I am going to return the books I have read thus far tomorrow.

Only a few more days until my ant farm arrives! I am going to dig up an anthill and find a queen ant among others to put in it.

Gee, I could use a huge glass of milk right about now. Yet another thing I will do once I finish this post.

Well, I still have some more room on this page to type. Therefore, I am going to write some random babble from the point of view of a blind (the window kind).

[Blinds are mysterious. It is almost like being invisible, being a blind. People pass by me, day after day, not realizing that I have feelings too. They scrunch me up at night, when I can finally have a chance to enjoy the view. When it is sunny, they draw me and I must stand still, regardless of the harsh sunlight seeping into my skin.

I have tried to make conversation a few times before; after all, being a blind is rather dull. Unfortunately, the couch does not make for a very good companion. Anyway, it is usually busy with somebody sitting on it. That does not seem interesting either, but at least the furniture has a chance to speak with the humans if they wish. Nobody converses with the blinds. Nobody seems to see them at all, for that matter. It is sort of ironic, how I am a blind yet it is others who cannot see me. Kind of ironic, how I know more about the layout of the living room than the humans do, considering they are the ones who designed it.

Before I came to this house, my life was exciting. I was in a shop full of other blinds to talk to, full of things to see and new people to observe. I was always a plain blind, but dreamed of being installed somewhere stimulating: I always thought it would be neat to be set up in a classroom, where I would be able to learn and see all of the children grow up, or a mental institution, perhaps, where I would be able to talk to the patients and nobody would care, considering they were already known to be crazy.

In the end, though, a seemingly nice couple came to the shop. When I saw them headed my way, I stood up nice and straight to look presentable. Once I noticed how young the couple was, I knew they would choose me. After all, I was, by far, the cheapest blind there. I was right about that, them deciding on me. When the delivery person came to pack me up, I gave a stiff wave to my blind friends. They wished me luck and I was on my way, to where I thought would be a better place and a final home for me.

Unfortunately, nobody every mentioned that being a blind is kinda like being a human. Those preposterous humans get so worked up over everything, so excited, and when the event finally comes it is never like they hoped it would be. They have a life goal, something they hope to be someday, and it always lets them down. Like being a blind, where I became so excited and so happy in dreaming up places I would be installed and how fun it would be. While, in the end, I am just hanging around wishing I had never been sold. It was much better in the shop, I always think. At least I got a good dusting every once in awhile when I was there.]

Holy mackerel, perhaps I should not have written that. Now I am getting upset… it is just like me to get worked up over blinds. There are blinds right in front of me right now, and now I feel so sorry for them. How preposterous a human I am.

Hearts your way.

‘Til then, penguin.


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