Hooray for Mothers and Gifts Everybody Can Use

As all of you undoubtedly already know (it seems that I have started many a posts with that beginning), today was/still is Mother’s Day. My family always does the traditional breakfast in bed of strawberries, bacon, eggs, and sometimes a doughnut, as well as the card, magazine, and gift-giving of every time.

The magazine we bought my mother was Dog Fancy, because she has gotten into reading about dogs and making sure out future puppy does not end up like our miniature poodle Daisy. When we got Daisy, she was already one-and-a-half and had developed the mannerisms usually reserved for cats. She does not play fetch, is not very energetic, and does nothing the stereotypical dog does. Out future puppy will be like a ‘normal’ dog, seeing as he was not bred for being in dog shows like Daisy. Daisy is a purebred show dog from Arkansas, which sounds pretty funny if you think about it.

We also bought our mother some organic lemon Italian soda, whatever that is, and gave her various cards and flowers like always. Then, it was time for the big present- “You have just won a new printer!” is what I wanted to say, but instead I just held my glee inside. I am thrilled that we have a new printer- our current printer/scanner/copier/fax machine stopped printing correctly a year or so ago (I think a black pen became lodged inside of it or something) and duplicated letters in the last four inches of the ink. So, yeah, now we have a new all-in-one printer and can print schoolwork without having to e-mail it to our father a day or two before so that he can print it out at his work.

Abie, Benny, Emma, Clara, and I played Spiderman Monopoly today. We also played Chicken Invaders 2 and Chicken Invaders 2: Christmas Edition on the computer. I love those games.

Additionally, I began knitting a “sister scarf” with Emma. Basically, one of us knits about an inch worth of any color and then gives it to the other, who changes colors and does the same. It is about four inches long right now, I think.

James and Ellie and Henry and Oliver.

Sorry, those are just my four favorite names. I have been thinking quite a lot about names lately.

I guess somebody might like to see what the antfarm I am getting looks like.  Even if nobody does, here is a picture: 

My mother said yesterday that I could order it today, but because it is Mother’s Day I think I will badger her about it tomorrow.

I stayed up until about midnight last night, starting and finishing I Am The Wallpaper. It was an okay book, though dreadfully cliché. Then again, most books are. Pretty much everything is cliché, in a way. Even my saying that everything is cliché is cliché. Oh wow, I just looked up how to put an accent over an e! Just click ALT and, while holding that down, type in ‘0233.’ I am thrilled that I finally know how to do this.

€ <– And wow, look at that, the Euro symbol! It is ALT + 0128.

© <– Look at that, it is the copyright symbol! I am going to put a copyright at the bottom of this page.

Well, this post is now at least a page long, and Emma is done with her scarf section. So, farewell, and happy Mother’s Day!

©2008, Slapdash Jargon, all rights reserved.


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