“For the LAST time, I have no idea what happened to the basketball. Mine just showed up one day, and you have no right to take it away like that. It has my name on it. See: right there, in bold black letters. Alright, so it is not MY name, but it is somebody’s alright. It could very well be mine in another life. Or not. Anyway, just cut the shenanigans and give me back my basketball.”

Hurray, the word of the day is ‘brio,’ meaning vigor or liveliness. Oh, and the number of the day is one hundred twenty-six. The holidays are Beverage Day, National Teacher’s Day, National Tourist Appreciation Day, National Nurses Day, and No Diet Day. Upon Wallie’s choice, the color of the day is a shade of green, today’s shade of which is one titled ‘grey asparagus,’ which is, evidently, a mixture of grey and the color ‘asparagus.’ Interesting, indeed.

Hurrah, I finished Sickened. It was inspiring. I have now moved onto Spud, which is also an excellent read. I am finished with that and am going to start and finish Hitler Youth before tomorrow after school, when the Wednesday Club will meet.

Huzzah, I have started (term used loosely) on the brainstorming of characters for my short story in English. Sometimes I jot down loose interpretations of the main characters, their names, and traits. In this case, I may or may not change the characters and plot completely before I decide on one. During NaNoWriMo, I wrote and rewrote the plot at least a half dozen times, sometimes getting even so far as to write a few thousand words before changing everything. In the end, I settled on the tale of Oliver Caspian, who hacks into computers of major companies and sends them spam upon the payment of one of their competitors for a living, if that makes even an ounce of sense. The point is, here are the main three characters for my current to-be-written short story:

Archibald “Archie” Lincoln- a rather sarcastic boy

Cabin “Cab” Everett- enthusiastic and talkative

Peter Scotts- the cliché extremely shy and smart reader

I am planning on Archie being the narrator of the story. At the beginning, I would have him explain how people always judge him on his last name, either thinking he is a stuck-up, rich, snobbish boy (based on his full name) or some sort of country bumpkin (based on his nickname).

Anyway, Archie, Cab, and Peter, all of whom are around seven or eight years old, meet up while exploring the woods behind the boys’ houses and quickly become friends. The highlight of the story is when the trio manages to build a tree house together.

So, yup, there is my first idea for a short story. I particularly like these characters and, even if I do not end up using them in this assignment, will most likely write them into something else, perhaps a ten page or so story in my own time.

Oh wow, did you know that in the UK there is a game (from what I gather, much like the ‘punch buggy’ thing we have going around where I live) called “Yellow Car” which, according to Wikipedia, involves yelling “Yellow Car” and striking someone close to you on spotting a yellow car. This sounds quite interesting; perhaps I will play this with my friends sometime. Maybe tomorrow during Wednesday Club- they will not know what hit them: literally.

Wow, I just clicked on ‘random article’ on Wikipedia and got turned to this amazing political/social activist/musician named Tom Morello. I looked him up on YouTube and, I must say, thank goodness for Wikipedia.

Also, guys, if you want to seem some truly spectacular videos, do a search for ‘typography’ on YouTube. There are many magnificent music videos and videos on speeches that people have made with typography. I especially love one of The Hush Sound’s “The Lions Roar” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXxouXt5dz4. Ah, typography, how wonderful you are. (Hey, I said this about books the either day, did I not? I am terribly sorry for being so ridiculously repetitive [have I said that before?].)

Ugh, I am getting super mixed up. This post is long enough now.

Good night, good morning, whatever you wish. Please hope that it rains tomorrow.


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