For Once, A Perfectly Acceptable Saturday

As the title suggests, I had a Saturday that was normal, in the societal sense. My dad and I went to see my brother’s (and Daniel’s brother’s as well as some other guys) new band play at a cultural arts center. It is called The Great Operation. It was very loud, but I think good. I say ‘I think’ because I am not a very good judge of music. If it has a beat then I usually think it is okay.

My dad and I had Five Guys before going there.

At the place, I saw this guy who was really jokes. He was actually wearing a shirt that I own and had the same shoes as me. What was awesome about him, though, was the fact that he had dreads. Like I want to get.

Also while there, I chatted with Daniel. We played rock, paper, scissors and spoke of our memories of random events. Plenty of laughs are found in the past. And yes, I did intentionally rhyme that.

It turns out that my older brother is not going to be going to college next year. At least, not at Goucher. I wish he were still going to college. I do not want to see him end up a slacker with a minimum wage job for the rest of his life. Still, if it makes him happy then major props to him.

Emma and our neighbor Brenna started their own little ‘shop’ in our yard, selling things ranging from scarves to bracelets to bookmarks, all of which were made on Brenna’s knitting looms. They had an ‘auction’ and sold bunches of stuff from two cents to twenty-five. I bought three five cent scarves and one seven cent scarf. Their colors are [a]pale yellow, [b]red, [c]orange, purple, and magenta, and [d]red, orange, olive, navy, and purple. I am wearing them all at once at the moment.

On my current list of things I am saving up for/ wish to buy:

A Threadless shirt, as always. And look, this shirt is for nerdfighters such as myself!!!

Look how fantastic these sunglasses are- and in my second favorite color as well!  And yes, I know that I already posted this on a previous shorter wishlist. 

Okay, this is one of the most amazing-looking cameras ever. Those colors are fantastic.

These presidential mustache pins are marvelous.

Charlie and Lola is my absolute favorite television show and basically the only one I watch. The books are not sold around here, seeing as they originated in the United Kingdom, but some can be bought off of Amazon. This one seems the most excellent choice, plus it is a pop-up book!

Just look at how cute little Albert is!

A hidden bookshelf or two would be quite handy. P.S. I wanted one of these before John Green made a video that showed his own.

I have wanted a carnivorous plant set for quite some time.

My mini cacti are not growing, so I figure one of these would be the best solution to my wanting a mini cactus thing.

There you have it. I know my birthday just passed and I got many wonderful things- this is merely a compilation of things for the future, such as if I happen to win the lottery or something, so that I can use this list as a reference.

“…and the post was over, and all was silent.”


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