Right About Now, I Should Take Stop Reading About Abraham Lincoln and Take a Nap on the Porch Swing

…and that is exactly what I did. I was reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln outside on the porch swing when I set my book down and promptly fell asleep. Probably because I did not get to bed until 11:30 pm due to trying to finish my hedgehog book. I am dreadfully tired, even now.

I read about three books this afternoon. Now there are only about three more until I am finished with all of my library books. What an accomplishment.

The reason I was able to read so much is that today was a two hour early dismissal at school. I forgot about it, and the fact that it was Friday, until I got to school. Meaning I only had one word of the day and had to quickly find nine others for ten words Friday.

These ten words (the first one is the original, seeing as today’s letter of the day is ‘A’) are:

[1]Anencephalic- lacking a brain

[2]Eerie- weird, uncanny

[3]Febrile- feverish

[4]Joggle- to shake slightly

[5]Opprobrium- something that brings disgrace, infamy

[6]Pallid- pale, wan

[7]Progeny- offspring, children, descendants

[8]Stagger- waver or astonish

[9]Turmoil- a confused or agitated condition

[10]Viridescent- greenish

I used the second one, ‘eerie,’ many times. I found that it could easily fit into regular conversation.

Yesterday my grandparents gave me my late birthday present, which turned out to be: orange, red, violet, and neon green knee socks from welovecolors.com! Exactly what I was hoping it would be. I wore the neon green pair today and felt very happy; bright colors always brighten my mood, not to mention that they are very comfortable.

Today’s holidays are Baby Day, Brothers and Sisters Day, and International Tuba Day. The number of the day is seventy-two, because its older brother seventy-seven always gets all of the attention. Wow, that almost rhymed.

Wallie did not fail in choosing the color/shade of the day. However, he was not too pleased when I guessed correctly what shade of orange it was. Macaroni and cheese like the Crayola crayon color, by the way. Monday will be a shade of blue (reminds me of The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love!” I love that song and began singing it when he told me this), and Tuesday will be a shade of green. From then on, nothing has been decided upon. Wow, that sort of rhymed as well!

My family is at the middle school talent show, where my younger sister is going to be singing. I stayed home and am babysitting Lydia, who is currently watching Lady and the Tramp– though she may have fallen asleep by now.

Today in Algebra II we took a quiz in four minutes. And I finished with time to spare. It was simple.

I am leaving this computer now and going to read and check on Lydia. Happy Friday, my associates, you rascally fellows. Just kidding.


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