The Wednesday Club, The Day After My Birthday, and The Future of the World

Another Wednesday Club. Oh, joy. That may sound sarcastic, but it really is not. I love the Wednesday club, and today was no exception.

Sal/Val the cameraman was BACK. Laura was there too, which made me happy.

Danya was at the library working on a project with somebody, and we stayed there for pretty much the entire time. Okay, the entire time in all of its entirety.

Daniel came upon a random basketball and, compliments of Courtney’s Sharpie and right hand, the Pizuzu Monster basketball was born. I got to take it home and it is in my living room right now, rolling happily.

We also waved to some people in their cars. The best was when some guy gave us a thumbs-up sign. Waves are overrated.


Wow, ‘alas’ is an excellent word. I never realized it before.

Today I received a belated birthday present from my immediate family, an original Barack Obama print with the artist’s signature. At the bottom, it says, ‘HOPE’ in nice, bold, even letters. I am not really into politics of the present, but I do like things that say my name on them. I am going to hang it on my wall with the rest of my random assortment of hangings. I am also going to hang up my educational poster (which happens to be made of tin and subtly tells the message that, if you put a banana peel on the floor in front of you and walk on it, you will slip: genius, its makers are).

I finished The Ice Cream Maker and am now a bit through Shug. Both are/were swell books.

My grandma gave me the Archie McPhee and ThinkGeek catalogs that came with my birthday present orders. I am using them as incentives for finishing up this post as quick as I can. By the way, I always try to make these posts at least a page, size twelve, Times New Roman, according to WordPerfect 11, which is this awful word processor that I believe came with our computer. Boy, that may have been a run-on sentence. Oh well.

Unfortunately, I do not even know what the word of the day is. Wallie was supposed to find one beginning with ‘G,’ but he forgot and ended up just finding one in my dictionary. It was not a very good one, seeing as neither of us can remember it.

Mental note: tomorrow’s letter of the day is ‘P!’

Today’s holidays are Hairstyle Appreciation Day (I would appreciate my hairstyle if I had dreadlocks like I want) and National Honesty Day. Wallie pointed out how super it is that the first day of April was Tell a Lie Day, and the last is the opposite. How insightful.

Daniel really needs to stop talking about how he has no idea what he wants to do after high school- I am becoming doubtful of my own future. Right now, I am stuck in the middle of


[2]Preschool or Kindergarten teacher

[3]English Teacher


[5]Used bookstore owner

At least some of them somewhat overlap- being an author in my spare time of being a teacher, for instance, or being an author in my spare time of being a lexicographer. Ugh, the future is annoying.

On another, still peevish note, I have a problem- specifically with pronouncing words correctly. Not long words or something: normal words. As in, words everybody knows how to pronounce. The problem is that I use words I read from books, and books do not tell how to pronounce words, obviously. For that reason, I am going to write down any words people comment on my pronunciation of, and write them down. Then I will use an online pronunciation key to find out the true pronunciations and practice saying them aloud. I hope this helps me.

Oh no, today is the last day of April! As I am typing this, here are less than four hours until April is over and May is here! Which means- no more April fool’s jokes! Oh, the horror. No, really, I am quite disappointed with this. Time goes on, but I wish to stay behind.

Oh yeah, (I really need to find a substitute for the word ‘oh’) I got my first ever four on fitness testing in Gym today! A four is the best you can receive, and I actually got one on my curl-ups test. I did seventy of them before my neck started hurting and I needed to stop.

Anyways, good night good night good night, my fellow aliens.

Make something happen, buddy.

EDIT A FEW HOURS LATER (AKA AFTER MY BEDTIME- I AM SUCH A RULEBREAKER): I just recalled something that happened at the end of dinner and I had to share it before it was too late.

Basically, Clara called me a nerd.  She is always trying to get on my nerves, calling me names which she thinks I will take as insults.  Unfortunately for her, I do not take offense from being called a nerd.  The conversation went precisely as follows:

Clara: You’re a nerd!

Me: [saying the dictionary definition verbatim] You are telling me that I am one who is slavish to intellectual pursuits?  Thanks!

Clara: …

Hope: (in my mind) EPIC PWN!


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