A Practically Indescribable Birthday

Wow, I am so ecstatic right now. I do not even know where to begin. Let us just say that today was a marvelous birthday -perhaps the best yet- though I say that every year.

At school, my Sarah and Wallie gave me awesome cards, Valerie (and I believe Courtney helped) made me a magnificent booklet, and Daniel made me delicious lemon bars! What friendly friends I have.

I also received many happy birthday wishes on Facebook, which even further made my day.

What with the excitement of the school day, I almost forgot that I was to receive a special birthday dinner and presents from my family.

For dinner, I chose to have Pad Thai, which is basically this peanut/teriyaki sauce/noodle/slices of pork combination, and tropical fruit salad on the side. Both were marvelous.

For our dessert, we had key lime cheesecake that I picked out from Costco (as I mentioned yesterday or whenever). That was delicious as well.

Then we moved on to the presents. I got so many wonderful things… so many things that I love so much… that I can barely contain my excitement and hold back from yelling out in happiness. I will try to list as many as I can before rushing away to use them. I will try and hold back from commenting on each thing and how much I love it.

Blue Lego brick Ipod speaker

Mario/Luigi Presidential campaign shirt

“They’re, Their, There” Threadless shirt

“Obey gravity: it’s the law” shirt

A staple-less stapler

A Bento Lunchbox!

Fake blow out candle thing (the only way I can think to describe it)

Gummy peach rings

“Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde” shirt

The Perfect Insult for Every Occasion

What Would Socrates Say?



And then, my biggest present, a super dee duper surprise package from an awesome place called Archie McPhee!

Among many oodles of magical items were (just to name a few)-

Tater Tot pencil toppers

Authentic POGS!!!! from 1994, when I was the wee age of one year old!!! (thrilling)

Two magic Tiki totem pole necklaces

Monkey with fez beads

Hula playing cards

Happy Monkey citrus chewing gum

Tapeworm sticky tape (and miniature version!)

A tiny school supplies set

Valentine cards

Halloween cards

Educational posters

A magic, gravity-defying wizard’s stone

…and trillions and billions of other lovely items!

I am dreadfully excited, therefore will leave you after a few brief notes.

Note one- I have noticed for quite some time that there are an inexcusable amount of grammar mistakes in the school’s newspaper. During a free time in math, I edited some of the many. There were even more than I thought- not to mention that there was a calendar in the newspaper which included false holidays (I should know- I resorted to my obscure holidays booklet for clarification). For this reason, I am going to use the ‘letter to the editor’ section to voice my concerns. What is even more inexcusable is the fact that there are twenty-one editors and not one of them noticed any of the countless mistakes. This world- I fear for what it is coming to.

Another note- today is Greenery Day and National Shrimp Scampi Day. Due to the fact of twenty-five being my favorite number, today’s number of the day is just that. Due to the fact that it is my birthday (beginning with ‘B’), the word of the day is ‘boondoggle,’ meaning ‘a wasteful or useless project or activity.’


…and good night, everybody.

EDIT: Oh my goodness, I barely even thought about the fact that I am now fifteen…

SECOND EDIT: And wow, I cannot believe I forgot-

A mystery present from my grandparents that has not arrived yet


A pair of delightfully colorful socks (not yet finished) my mother is knitting for me


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