Age, Two Hundred-Fifty-Year-Olds, Charlie and Lola, and Hyphenated Words

Oh wow, I will be fifteen tomorrow. I really do not feel like thinking about that fact, no matter how exciting it will be to be taken a tad more seriously.

I mentioned this yesterday, but my childhood is leaving me way too fast; by the time I catch up to it, it will be long gone.

On lighter terms, today is James Monroe’s two hundred-fiftieth birthday! What a shocker that Monroe is two-and-a-half centuries old. Really makes you feel younger, does it not?

Additionally, it is Great Poetry Reading Day. I have nobody to celebrate with, so I will be reading a poem, after I finish this, to myself.

My oh my, I saw the Girl With Dreadlocks again today. She was coming into my English classroom to ask my teacher something. I think her dreadlocks are just beginning, seeing as there were loose hairs and they were not completely locked in yet.

I still have yet to finish Einstein In Love. It is going by slow, regardless of the fact that it is an excellent book.

The word of the day is a hyphenated word meaning reckless or irresponsible. Still not know what it is? It is ‘harum-scarum,’ which, evidently, is also a movie starring Elvis Presley. Gee, you really do learn a new thing every day. A trite statement, but true nonetheless.

I baby-sat Lydia for about two hours while the rest of my family went to some band benefit for Clara. It was… interesting. Lydia becomes extremely crazy when adults are not around. She took to laughing at every little thing that happened, regardless of whether it was actually funny in the least. Little kids are such funny little humans.

We watched an episode of my favorite television show, Charlie and Lola, during part of the two hours. Luckily, Lydia likes it nearly as much as I do.

Thankfully, it was raining today! I have been wishing for it to do so, and my wish came true. I was able to use my umbrella practically and had a jolly old time singing the song “Singin’ In The Rain” while waiting for the bus to arrive and bring me on to education.

The word of the day is a hyphenated one- does that even count as a word? I do not know, but anyways… it is an adjective meaning ‘reckless or irresponsible.’ It also happens to be the title of a movie staring Elvis Presley. Still stumped? It is ‘harum-scarum!’ Exciting, eh?

Oh yeah, from now on (or at least as long as I can remember) there will also be a number of the day. I will chose a number most likely based on my mood, though if there are requests from friends and otherwise then their suggestions will be taken into consideration.

The very first number of the day is… eighteen! Not only is it divisible by itself and one like all other numbers, but also by three, six, and nine! What a happy, joyous number it is. I think of eighteen as being a wild, reckless (actually, to use the word of the day, harum-scarum!) kind of number. One who likes to have a good time but also keeps the majority of its thoughts bottled up inside.

So yes, it has been a lovely, remotely normal kind of day and I hope you all had one as well. Not the normal part -normalcy is overrated- but the lovely part.

Happy Birthday.

Just kidding.

April fool’s.



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