Oh, Stop Being Such A Drama Villain (This Title Goes Out to You, Daniel)

Happy Pig in a Blanket Day! The letter of the day is Z, the word being zanyism (meaning ‘buffoonery’). Both are marvelous words.

I finished the Kevin Clash autobiography and am now almost done with If Harry Potter Ran General Electric as well.

I got a one hundred percent on my vocabulary quiz! That is exciting, especially considering I am on a one hundred percent streak for those quizzes. Words entice me.

Tomorrow, I, along with many others across the world, will be participating in a Day of Silence. I have scanned and posted the card we must show to our teachers if given any grief for not speaking. It is below:


There are only five more days until my birthday. I am extremely excited, seeing as I comprised a list this year, something I have not done since I was much, much younger. Because I made a list, I will be receiving things that I actually want and will use. Thrilling, eh?

Oh, books, you never cease to amaze me.

I am still keeping an eye out for job opportunities. I still really want to work at a grocery store. I love them. The best place to work at, I guess, would be Giant. Because it is right next to the library and all. The only problem is that it is about fifteen minutes or so away from my house. More money would end up being spent on gas than I would actually earn.

My mother got the family cellphone bill today and, whoopee, I spent the least out of anybody! I only spent about $2.65 on text messages, about important things, a few months ago. So, hooray, I do not have to pay off anything (unlike my older brother Jake and my sister Clara- they both have to pay around thirty dollars)! I am such a good kid.

Conformity, marketing, consumerism, I dislike you all. And society, for causing all of these to exist.

Blasted world, messing up my sense of time. I keep getting mixed up on the date, time of day, and day of the week. Ironic, considering I have a pocket watch hanging around my neck at all times.

Wallie was absent today. I am wondering what will happen when he (if he) gets back tomorrow, considering so many people will not be speaking.

Friends, I love you. Family, I love you. Strangers, I love you. Baby Hitler, I love you. Adult Hitler, I despise you. Dead Hitler, I wish you had experienced a regular life and gotten some help. Sad people, I hope you become happy soon.

Best wishes, global beings.


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5 Responses to “Oh, Stop Being Such A Drama Villain (This Title Goes Out to You, Daniel)”

  1. jimsmuse Says:

    This is a great post! I admire you for standing up for others’ rights, and I admire you for having enough empathy to feel sorry for Hitler in addition to thinking he was a pretty evil dude.

    I know you’re only in high school, but I think you’re a hero. I hope there are more out there like you.

  2. A Cooler Kid Than I Ever Was « TRANScend GENDER Says:

    […] Cooler Kid Than I Ever Was I just wanted to take a few moments and share this blog entry I found today.   This kid is in 9th grade and willing to make a stand for LGBT […]

  3. supposedly Says:

    Thanks a million!

    Yes, I find it impossible to absolutely, truly ‘hate’ anybody or anything. Even Hitler. Regardless of the horrors he caused, he was still a human, the same as the rest of us.

    A few of my friends share these views as well, therefore your hopes are a reality.

    May your life be fulfilled.


  4. loriannetucson Says:

    Hmmm…that’s pretty cool. I had two friends in college who did that last year. They take a stand for what they believe in, and I really admire them for that.

    As for Hitler? Ehh..after what he was responsible for with the Jews…I’d say I’m GLAD he’s not alive anymore. But I try to remember one thing…. Almost every one of us started out as “someone’s ‘Baby'” at one point in our lives.

  5. supposedly Says:

    It is not that I like Hitler, I am just saying that I do not ‘hate’ him. While what he did was unbelievably cruel and hard even to think about, I feel bad about what his life could have been like, had he chosen a different path.

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