So You Had Another Perfectly Nice Day, Huh, Punk?

Yes, I did. Does that entitle me to some mysterious and fantastic prize beyond my wildest dreams?

Sorry, I am just being dumb. Though my day was far from it.

This morning, at around seven in the morning, I got ready and went with my dad to his work. It was there that I bought cookies and read the book Beastly while he worked for a few hours. Then we left.

After that we drove over to the nearby Target as well as The World Market, where we bought my sister Clara’s birthday gifts. She turns thirteen tomorrow. Oh, joy, another teenager in the house. That makes three, though my older brother is mainly at college and is going to be nineteen in a few months, anyway.

Clara is one of those wretched faux-punk types, the type who wears black and pink and skulls and stuff not to make a statement or anything, but because her friends do and she therefore thinks it is cool. On the contrary, I would almost rather her be a punkish poser than a preppy Hollister/Abercrombie/American Eagle-wearing clone. Actually, she does own a Hollister top, and I slightly despise her for it. But anyway, I am getting way off track… we basically got her sour patch kids and swedish fish (at least she has good taste in favorite candies), a white and goldish hat, these sparkly grey leggings, cupcake mix (she likes to bake- I have to give her some props for that), and pop rocks. A dandy, candy and treat- filled birthday she shall have.

Now, as for The World Market- quite frankly, I loved it. There were so many fantastic things there, stuff you cannot get any place else without searching most thoroughly.

I figured out why my pocket watch was not working exactly as it should, by the way- being silly and excited and giddy and all, I did not even think about winding it up. Now that I have done so, it works perfect.

My birthday is in nine days- a tremendously exciting figure.

Today I began a knitting a hat on a loom I borrowed from my next-door neighbor, an eight-year old friend of my sister Emma. It is a soothing purple color and I hope to finish it tonight.

I am absolutely mesmerize by the rain. It has been falling on and off all day and, apparently, is supposed to continue for the next two days. I truly hope it does.

My mother pointed out that something was growing in the planter where I planted flowers a few days ago. Sure enough, all three of my plants had little buds. They are going to be red, yellow, and/or orange flowers. Lovely colors, plus I believe they attract hummingbirds.

I am pretty much positive that the “miniature cactus” of the past was merely a fluke, as it has miraculously disappeared since then. Nothing else has grown in the little pot since.

Oh my, this is lovely- I can hear the delightful ticking sound of my pocket watch hanging right near my heart. I am grinning ear to ear right now.

I love you, world and people in it.


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