Birthdays and Words and Mishmash

I am writing this now just in case I do not have a chance later, what with my sister’s birthday being today and all. Plus, I am going to be reading King Dork for a while and I wanted to get my daily post out of the way.

By the way, on the back of King Dork there are reviews from other authors. One of those reviews was from the amazingly jokes, infamous John Green!

Today’s school day was as lonely as ever, due to the fact that the bandies and chorus peeps are still in Disney World. They will be arriving late tonight.

I finished my purple hat last night and added a lime and darker green colored pompom to the top of it. I am wearing it right now and am nice and toasty. Not to mention that I keep reaching up to feel the nice, soft, poke-able pompom.

Here is a picture:

It was raining again today, luckily. I had a chance to make practical use of my red and white umbrella.

The letter of the day is ‘V,’ meaning that the word of the day is varia, meaning ‘miscellany.’ The holidays are Kindergarten Day and some other day I cannot remember.

Upon Clara’s choice, we are going to Golden Corral for dinner.

Eight days until my birthday.

Farewell, friendly beings and otherwise.

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