What An Eventful Saturday

No, really.  I am not being sarcastic one little bit.  Many more things occurred than usual.

[1]We had a yard sale. This meant that I had to wake up around 8 am rather than my usual weekend 9:30 am. However, shockingly, I was not the least bit tired.

The yard sale went excellent. I do not know how much money we earned, but I know it was at least two hundred dollars. Not a bad amount for stuff we were going to donate or take to the dump.

[2]I read books! I actually read about three books today: I finished the Ulysses S. Grant biography, read Girl, Interrupted, and something else I cannot currently remember.

[3]By far the most exciting piece of news: MY POCKET WATCH CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! I was thrilled to receive it, obviously. It is exactly how I thought it would be and, somehow, even more. When I hold it up to my ear there is a lovely ticking sound. I was going to scan it and put the picture up here, but I am afraid that will somehow damage it. Anyway, I put it on a silver chain I had lying around. It is utterly fantastic.

Unfortunately, the hands have stopped moving twice so far. I do not know what is wrong with it but will either look up how to fix it or contact the seller on Ebay. Either way, I still adore it.

[4]We went out to dinner! We went to this lovely little diner and I got a Chicken Cordon Bleu panini. It was fantasic, plus I got vanilla ice cream for dessert.

[5]The reason I am trying to rush this: YARNNN!!! We went to Michael’s after our early diner dinner (what a delightful tongue twister) and I purchased this amazing green yarn called Limelight. Then, when I got home, my grandmother showed me tons of yarn she has had stashed away! These bundles of yarn include many deliciously bright colors. I am going to knit something spectacular as soon as I finish this up (which will hopefully be soon).

Anyway, today was basically just a lot more eventful than Saturdays usually are.news:

Another thing happened, which was that I wrote my essay for English, but it was extremely boring and the writing is, quite frankly, complete rubbish. I am hoping my teacher does not think so.

Anyways, anyways, anyways, I love you all to bits. Even as the mainly strangers and whatnot that you are.

My birthday is in only ten days! Whoopee!

Hurray, hurrah, huzzah!


And how many hours a day did you do lessons?
The Mock Turtle: Ten hours the first day, nine the next, and so on.
Alice: What a curious plan!
The Gryphon: That’s the reason they’re called lessons, because they lessen from day to day.


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