The Heat of the Moment

My gods, it is scalding. Both inside and out, I feel as if our town has momentarily turned into a desert. I am going to beat up Mister Global Warming if he keeps messing up our weather. Actually, scratch that. I am going to beat up the hooligans who caused global warming. Bad humans.

Today is Friday and the reason I am posting this super late is because I was reading. I am finally digging a hold in my stack of library books and finished The Making of a Name as well as a novel titled Hot Lunch. I have now begun Ulysses S. Grant: The Unlikely Hero, which is a biography of, you guessed it, Ulysses S. Grant.

Anyway, as I said, it is Friday. That means that it is Ten Word Day. Before I get into that, I will tell you today’s holidays. They are National Juggler’s Day, Newspaper Columnists Day, and Pet Owners Independence Day. Fantastic, eh?

The ten words of the day (the first and main of which coincides with today’s letter of the day, L) are as follows:

[1]Largiloquent- talkative, full of words

[2]Calumny- a false, slanderous statement

[3]Euphonious- pleasant-sounding

[4]Humbug- hoax, fraud; nonsense

[5]Ennui- boredom

[6]Maunder- wander slowly or speak in a disconnected manner (coincidentally, the similar word ‘meander’ has a similar meaning)

[7]Parse- to give a grammatical description of a word or group of words (much as I am doing right now)

[8]Picayune- of little value; trivial, petty

[9]Ratiocination- of exact thinking or reasoning

[10]Epicure- a person with sensitive and discriminating tastes in food

I happen to be an extreme epicure. I like no vegetables other than the occasional corn. I do not try to be picky, but veggies taste loathsome to me. And, believe me, I have tried them many times- most of which resulted in gagging.

School was rather lonesome today, seeing as the majority of my friends were in Florida (having being in either band, orchestra or chorus and therefore invited to go on the music department field trip to play at Disney World). There were only about five people in the band room (which presides as a sort of meeting place in the morning) and the hallways were much less crowded than usual (though I still somehow managed to bump into many people on my way to classes).

It is ridiculously hot. I said it already, but will probably say it again many times.

I am going to read for a bit and then go to bed, hopefully before midnight comes around. There is something about being awake alone in the house after midnight that thoroughly creeps me out.

Mental note: Monday’s letter of the day is ‘V.’

Blasting off in three, two, one…

Okay, I am gone now.

No, really.



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