“What about your heart? Are you going to take that back, too?”

Now, now, is this not magnificent? Today is one of my friend’s (her name is Danya) birthdays. It also happens to be Blah, Blah Blah Day and National Cheese Ball Day. I did not celebrate the latter.

The letter of the day is D, meaning that of course the two words of the day begin with that letter. They are dissimulate (means to fake or kid) and dystopia (which is a place where all is as horrible as possible). I used both of them multiple times today.

Evidently, my pocket watch was not shipped until yesterday. I believe it fares from North Dakota, so it should take three or four days to get here. I am hoping so, at least. One can hope (especially when Hope is her name such as myself).

Today was a half day at school, which was excellent.

In Gym we skipped the embarrassing sports-playing and hiked a trail behind the school. A river ran through it and the view was spectacular. Near the end of the trail, there was a clearing where no sounds were heard but the river running and the rhythmic sounds of my classmates skipping stones. It was lovely; the place was so serene, so… peaceful. Not at all like school, particularly Gym, normally is.

I finished Consuming Kids and have now moved on to The Making of a Name. I am already about halfway done with it and have learned much.

Today was Thursday, meaning that it was Pancake Thursday at my house. Unfortunately, I do not particularly like pancakes, but it was a nice dinner nonetheless. My almost-senile step-grandmother did not, for once, ask what my shirt said. The shirt that she has had this very same question answered many times prior about.

After school I did my homework and then went outside in the hammock for a bit, reading. Then I watched over Lydia for a while as she played in the chicken yard and caught our rooster, Ezra, countless times.

Those tasks took up basically my entire afternoon.

Today in Algebra II we began learning how to divide polynomials into each other using long division. Strangely enough, I love to do this. When I have finished a problem, the crisp, clear numbers cover my page in a fantastic pattern, with the answer neatly boxed in at the top. I am not one to brag, but I checked my answers in the back of the book and found that I got every single homework question right.

Ugh, I dislike this hot weather. I have said it before and will inevitably say it again many more times, but I really prefer colder weather to hot. Because, as I have said before, I would rather freeze to death than burn. And, unfortunately, I feel as if I will do the latter whenever I go out in this scorching heat.

Hank Green has a new video up that I watched and commented upon. I love those videos. Each and every one of them.

Whoa, I just trailed off in my mind and remembered something odd- a few years ago, one of my uncles purchased each of the kids in my family a package of playing cards, ones with pictures of United States terrorists on them. I really, really wanted to play with them, but my parents would not allow me to. They claimed that they would be worth something in a number of years yet, really, who the heck wants to spend money on little pieces of cardstock with terrorists on them? I have always wondered what happened to them, either way.

They are probably squirreled away along with all of the baby teeth they ‘stole’ from the Tooth Fairy.

Hey, did you know that more people are killed annually by donkeys than in plane crashes? Just some food for thought.

Plaster your walls with remnants of your nonexistent future.

Draw something in your mind resembling an imperfect picture.



“How are you?”


“I thought your name was Ronaldo?”

“And I thought you had a brain. Everyone makes mistakes.”


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