An Epic Afternoon

As I knew it would be, today’s Wednesday Club was magnificent. We did the same thing as in wandering around and such, but stayed in the library for a bit longer. Laura and I each ate a packing peanut. We ‘Pizuzuified’ a variety of places and, in celebration of one of today’s holidays, I wrote a secret note that said, “Happy Librarian Day. -Pizuzu,” to put in the book drop along with the two books I finished since last week.

The first and second parts of episode one of our Pizuzu Project channel are up on YouTube. The link is as follows: and I highly suggest checking them out if you have a chance.

By the way, today’s holidays are National Librarian Day (as mentioned), National Eggs Benedict Day, and National Stress Awareness Day. The fantabulous words of the day are corviform (meaning ‘shaped like a crow’) and corybantic (meaning wildly excited or frenzied) as well as a third ‘C’ word which is wearing off of my hand and therefore unreadable.

My birthday is in thirteen days. I am corybantic about this upcoming day.

Oh, fooey! I forgot to choose the letter of the day for tomorrow with Wally.


Sorry, I just wanted to spell that out. ‘Snug’ is such a wonderful word, both to say and type.

I am going to plan a punishment to do sometime soon. I did nothing wrong but wish to do a punishment just because I want to, so I am going to say that it is because I skipped question fifty on my Math homework. Sooo, yup, that is the reason for my trying to come up with a punishment.

My random, assorted goals to complete as soon as possible-

[1]Getting a job. I would like to earn money, just because, and a job is obviously the best way to go about that other than resorting to a life of crime. The latter would not work out, seeing as I have to be in bed by 10 pm on weekdays. Okay, lame excuse, but still… I would probably like to get a job at a grocery store, just because I like them, though a bookstore would be more ideal. Of course, I would not possibly be that lucky.

[2]Dreadlocks. I have said this many times before, but I really, really want to get dread locks. Perhaps I am exhibiting an excellent example of hyperbole, but I seriously think dread locks would change my life. For the better.

[3]My vocabulary. I have recently been skimping on annunciating my words, instead resorting to mumbling. So, I am going to try and stop doing that along with increasing my vocabulary greatly so that I will have the right words to say to everything- a most purposeful trait to possess.

[4]Develop interests. Basically all that I do is go on the computer, knit, write, and read. I would like to develop a hobby that I would be able to spend time doing so that I am not bored so tremendously often. A job, my first goal, would somewhat complete this goal.

That is basically all, though a minor one is to learn as much trivia as possible so that there is never an awkward or dull moment when around me.

May your dreams come true, and you not be sued.

P.S. There are currently five books that I have read since starting my book recording journal.

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