Anxiety And A New Insult

Today is Eraser Day and Titanic Remembrance Day. The letter of the day is R, and because of this I chose a word of the day beginning with R. However, there were two remarkable R words so I just declared today a day of two words. They just happen to be rampallion and ragabash, both of which are so obscure that I quite doubt you will find them in an abridged version of a dictionary. Anyway, a rampallion is a thief or scoundrel and a ragabash is an idle, worthless fellow. Don’t you just love the word ‘fellow?’ Oh, and of course the words of the day. All are spectacular.

Mental note- tomorrow’s letter of the day is ‘C.’

Anyway, I was trying to find a way to use the words and ended up discovering a remarkable insult. Call out to somebody, “You rampallion of a ragabash!” and watch them stop dead in their tracks. Not only that, but it is extremely fun to say. Try it some time.

The anxiety part of my day comes from four exciting things coming up in my life. I am very anxious for these to happen, therefore have had trouble concentrating without my thought straying away. Several people have asked me if I was daydreaming some time today.

The exciting things are as follows-

[1]My pocket watch’s arrival, of course! I am very excited to see what it looks like and try it out. Not only will it make me very happy, but I will be able to stop constantly asking others what time it is. I am quite obsessive about knowing what time it is at all times.

[2]Our family’s puppy! I’m not sure exactly when we will be able to bring him home, but I know it is in less than two months. Maybe six weeks, give or take a week. I really don’t know, but I’m gosh darn eager to meet him!

[3]Wednesday Club, which happens to be tomorrow. Of course I am excited about this! I love having something to do after school, especially on Wednesdays, and our club is the jokesest one around.

[4]The arrival of our new chicks! I cannot wait to see them and pick one out to be my own. I am going to think up a fantastic name and train her to be the most magnificent and enviable chicken around. The chicks will be coming sometime in May.

Oh, yet another thing I am anxious about- my birthday, which is coming around in fourteen days.

Grrr, there is a wire in my braces that keeps poking my cheek. I tried putting wax on it but I strongly dislike the feel of it and have chosen to endure the pain rather than have a wad of grossness in my mouth.

I now plan to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora once and for all. It is taking way too long to finish, longer than many other books I have read, and I am anxious to move on to other books. I want to know what happens at the end and be done with it, once and for all.

We are watching Remember The Titans in English in order to write an editorial from the point of view of Lou Dimes of Gathering Of Old Men as a man living during the time of both the book and the movie. I have seen that movie too many times to count. It is completely ridiculous, but at least it is better than listening to the distracting antics of the loquacious fellows of our English class as Schoder unsuccessfully tries to calm them down. Or is it?

Make haste, my dears, for you are killing a second every moment you waste.

EDIT A BIT LATER: I also forgot to say that my family is going to the Free Pepsi Float Day at Arby’s… it should be fun… not to mention delicious!


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