Icy Cold Warmth and Other Things Which Are Not Oxymorons

I was just outside for about an hour, reading in the hammock. I used an umbrella during this time, partly because I love umbrellas but mostly so that the sun would not get in my eyes as I read.

I am trying to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora as quickly as possible so that I can finally move on to my library books. For some reason, I have been reading much slower than usual. On Tuesday I checked out three school library books and I have yet to finish the final one.

I am wearing my newly-made fingerless gloves right now. They keep my constantly icy cold hands nice and toasty while still allowing me to type.

It is International Moment of Laughter Day, National Pecan Day, and Reach as High as You Can Day. I celebrated the first and last but am unable to celebrate the second, seeing as there are no pecans at my house.

Fifteen days until my birthday.

The word of the day is kippage, meaning a state of displeasure or anger. It just so happens that the word kippage is an extremely obscure one, meaning that it is not in most dictionaries and one would have to look it up in an unabridged dictionary in order to encounter it.

I spotted my first non-friend wearing a Threadless shirt today. Well, she’s kind of my friend, but not really. I mean, I talk to her every once in a while, but just for class-related things. Anyway, I recognized it right away as the “Dark Side of the Garden” and cornered, ahem, I mean, spoke to her and was like, “I see that you are wearing a Threadless shirt.” Dumb wording, but I could not think of what else to say. She was just like, “Yeah.” She is so obviously not a die-hard Threadless fan like me. I have eighteen Threadless shirts, you know, and spend at least forty-five minutes on that site every day, rating submissions and surfing the blogs and other jokes things.

I believe today is Question Tuesday Monday on the YouTube channel vlogbrothers, but they have not posted the video yet. I am really hoping that they chose one of my questions to answer, though it is unlikely seeing as there are thousands of others to choose from.

I will edit this post later to let you know if they end up choosing and answering one of mine. Because I would be extremely excited and all.

Speaking of ‘extremely excited,’ I am obviously extremely excited for the arrival of my pocket watch. It should take from three days to about a week, perhaps a few more if problems arise. I am hoping it comes exceptionally quickly because I am dreadfully anxious to receive it. Plus I need to buy a chain that matches the color of the pocket watch so that I can wear it around my neck, but I would of course need to see it in person to decide on the exact shade.

In Gym today we played pickle ball, this tennis-related sport named after its creator’s dog, Pickles. It was okay. My team and I mainly just fooled around, and I cannot serve effectively for the life of me.

In Child Development today, we taught the kids how to paint pictures using baby food (though our teacher forgot to buy some and we ended up having to use applesauce with food coloring in it [some ‘flavors’ had cornstarch mixed in as well]). It was completely disgusting. The applesauce ones were fine, and normally I don’t get grossed out by foods that look gross or anything, but that applesauce and cornstarch mixture seriously made me gag. I get severely grossed out upon seeing things that are sort of chunky, which this mix most definitely was.

In Algebra II today, we took a quiz. I think I got a C or even worse, seeing as I did not know how to do much of anything on it. It basically all had to do with exponents, which I make many silly mistakes when completing problems relating to.

In English, Schoder was his usual ranting self, though it was not as boring as usual. We read an editorial as well as a poem, and then did basically nothing else other than answering a few questions about the book we are reading, A Gathering of Old Men, a book which I still have yet to decide whether I like.

One of my cacti has begun to grow.  At least, I think it has, though it may just be a random seedling from the sand I mixed with dirt and planted the seeds in.  I do not know what baby cacti look like, and because I do not know what species of cactus the seeds are, I cannot use a handy dandy Google search to solve my problems.  Anyway, it’s this teeny tiny green stem with two tiny leafs coming out of the top.  Hmm, curious.  Very curious.

Anyway, I am off to knit my second pair of fingerless gloves and read more (and hopefully the rest of) my book.



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