Doing Nothing For An Entire Sunday Can Be Rather Uplifting

The weekend is coming to a close. I am trying my best to use double-pointed needles to knit a mini scarf bookmark and failing miserably. I really did do nothing today. I started knitting projects and pulled them apart quickly, rolled a small amount of blue yarn into a tiny ball, and many other useless things. Actually, I did make two Chinese staircase bracelets, but they aren’t very noteworthy.

I began another pair of striped fingerless gloves. I did not complete them and am not even halfway through one.

I think there are sixteen days until my birthday, though I am not positive.

*mentally counts*

Alright, I was correct. Sixteen more days until I have existed on this planet for fifteen years. Oh, joy.

Today feels more like a Saturday than a Sunday. I do not know why.

Last night I began my endeavor to try and become a mediocre ventriloquist using a book I checked out from the library. So far I am not that good, but I am still attempting.

Gee, I just noticed that I have not used any contractions in this as of yet. Boy, does that excite me.

That sounds sarcastic, but I really am glad to notice that. I do not like contractions very much but have not, for the life of me, been able to stop using them. Text, almost down. Now for regular speech.

Perhaps I will make a pompom once I finish typing this. It should not be very hard, seeing as all I need is a small bundle of yarn and a crochet hook, both of which I own numerous.

Yesterday afternoon my parents tried to give our dog a haircut. She is a miniature poodle and her haircuts are normally quite expensive, so they figured they would try and save money as well as the time it takes to drive back and forth from her groomer. However, they completely flunked. Now Daisy looks sort of like a wet rat. An unfortunate sight.

Because of this dreadful haircut, my sister Clare put doll clothes on her to cover up the bad job. They made Daisy look even more ridiculous, though she seemed to like having them on.

Oh yes, I did do something today. I planted some red, yellow, and orange flowers in a little pot of dirt. And, hurrah, my sister found her cactus seeds from many moons ago! She let me have a few and I planted them right away. Let us hope that they end up growing and my year-long dream of owning a mini cactus will come true.

Less than two months until we will be able to pick up our Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy. We have yet to pick out a name that everybody agrees on, so if anybody has any possibly crowd-pleasing ideas then, by all means, post them here.

May your spleen never transform into a solution to the European Union’s impending energy crisis and become a battlefield for the impending war to end all wars.

Also known as goodbye.

EDIT A FEW HOURS LATER:  I just won an Ebay auction.  For a pocket watch!!!! It’s silvery gold and has a second clock within it that tells seconds, just like I wanted.   I am now beyond thrilled and my drabby Sunday has become magnificent.

SECOND EDIT ANOTHER FEW HOURS LATER: I totally forgot to mention that today is International Scrabble Day as well as Thomas Jefferson’s birthday.  Sorry, Tom, and sorry to you too, letters.

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