I spent my whole day knitting.

I made up my own simple fingerless gloves knitting pattern and used a variety of lovely bright colors of yarn. And spent my whole Saturday knitting up a storm.

Here are my nice, stripey fingerless gloves with my hands inside them, compliments of the scanner:



My arms are so achy right now. Not from knitting, but from the weight room workout of yesterday’s Gym class.

My dad, Clare, and Emma just left to go see the play Grease at a high school about a half hour away. I didn’t go. I don’t want to see anybody from my old school.

My mother is going with Benny, Lydia, and Abie to bring Jake back to college and go to some Native American powwow at the fairgrounds. I am not going. It’s too hot outside.

My parents are becoming annoyed with the fact that I do not want to go anywhere, but I would just rather stay home. I need some silence right now and, what with the hot weather, am feeling kind of down.

It is Saturday, yet it feels like Sunday. Ah, how messed up my sense of time has become in the last week or so.

I sent my mother an e-mail with a note explaining why I should be allowed to get dread locks. She has not responded nor mentioned anything about it, though I know she read it because the window was still up when I went on to the computer.

My mother informed me that she has already ordered the new chicks and they will be coming in May. She did not order the specific kind I wanted and was so thrilled about getting. Yet another reason I am not feeling the best today.

It is hot, hot, hot outside and I really wish it were raining, perhaps another thunderstorm like the one last night. I much prefer cold weather to hot.

I am down in the dumps. I have said that oodles of times, but it is still true.

Happy weekend, anyways.


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2 Responses to “I spent my whole day knitting.”

  1. dessimetrics Says:

    Aww, I’m sorry you’re down in the dumps. I hope you can find something to cheer you up soon.

    Maybe this lovely bit of trivia will make you a bit happier:
    Hilary Clinton’s secret code name with the secret service is “Evergreen”.
    In Great Britain, they call sourballs acid drops.
    Varicella is the medical term for the chickenpox.

    Hopefully that made you feel a little better.

    See you on Monday!

  2. Hope Says:

    Thanks, Laura. Though I already knew the last two facts, the first one cheered me up a bit. I imagined, some time around the holiday season, someone speaking into a walkie talkie and going, ‘the evergreen has landed,’ and the guy he was talking to going, ‘huh?,’ thinking he meant a Christmas tree.

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