Just the Basics, Seeing As I Would Like to Begin Reading In A Hammock Outside as Soon as Possible

Today is Eight Track Tape Day and Barbershop Quartet Day. The word of the day is skedaddle, which means to run away hurriedly or flee. Just a reminder for me- Monday’s letter of the day is ‘K.’

Uh, today did not feel like a Friday. It felt more like a Thursday.

I am still searching for a pocket watch, though I think I may have found the perfect one. It looks like this:

Now, isn’t that nice? The regular hour and minute hands, plus a handy dandy little miniature seconds clock on the bottom!  I love that.

My birthday is in eighteen days. I am asking for a boatload of books, mainly dictionary sorts.

I ripped out the single written-on page in my Scrabble journal and am now recording the books I read in it. Just so I, you know, don’t check out the same book twice a year from now, not remembering that I already read it. I will carry it around with me everywhere.

I am currently reading The Lies Of Locke Lamora, though I suspect I will finish it by the end of this afternoon and will be able to move on to Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood, which is basically all about consumerism (obviously) and how companies target kids in their advertising and such.

In Gym today, we had to work out in the Weights Room. My arms feel like jelly right now.

Happy birthday to all whose birthday is today. May you all have many more years to come.

Ooh, this weekend I am going to convince my mother to allow me to have one of her many skeins of yarn- I want to knit up a pair of fingerless gloves, seeing as I do not like my fingers being covered but am sure that my sister will notice if I continue to wear hers. Because my hands are always cold. It’s a disease.

Have a magical weekend, everybody!


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