And what is your point of view on this matter?

Wow, today felt like a Friday.

The nitty gritty- it is Golfer’s Day and National Siblings Day. The word of the day is jigamaree, which happens to mean thingamajig.

Um, let me think of something to say… well, we played flag football in Gym today. And I don’t know how to play. Rather than asking how like a logical person, I tried to follow along with what everyone else was doing. Bad idea, because I did not pay close enough attention and, once one of my teammates threw me the ball, I did not know which way to run. Instead of asking, I stood there like an idiotic baboon. Needless to say, somebody took my flag. It was no better a game than yesterday’s game of non-flag football, where I was thrown the ball while putting my hair into a ponytail and it bounced off of my head and into an opponent’s arms. Nah, I’m not that good at sports. I would not take Gym if one quarter of it were not required.

Oh, we also had a fire drill. Not during Gym- it was near the beginning of English class. Exciting, eh?

Not really.

So, hmm, I really have nothing to say. Think, think, think.

Uh, my birthday is in nineteen days. Not that that’s very interesting.

Oh, I did find out that George Foreman has five sons, all of whom are named George. Funny, huh?

It is illegal to be a prostitute in Siena, Italy, if your name is Mary.

Uh, yeah, I guess nobody really wanted to hear that piece of trivia.

Turks consider it unlucky to step on a piece of bread. Well, that’s quite interesting. I wonder what their reasoning is.

 The S in the middle of Harry S. Truman’s name doesn’t mean anything. Both his grandfathers had names beginning with ‘S’ and Truman’s mother didn’t want to disappoint either of them.

Thrilling information, eh? Of course it is.

Oh, today I was thinking and having a quite heated conversation with a friend over what the school would do if there was a stampede of rhinos in our school. Normally, when emergencies occur, they evacuate the building- but this would not be effective, considering that students and teachers would run into the animals (and/or vice versa). My friend, Courtney, reasoned that charging rhinos do not run into people if not bothered by them and therefore it would be smart to just stay in the classrooms until the stampede ended. I say just take away their credit cards.

Ha ha, small joke there. Do you get it? That’s one from an old Laffy Taffy candy wrapper I happened to read. Nah, really, I don’t know. I guess, Courtney’s reasoning is logical. Enough.

On a final note, I finally asked my mother whether I could get dread locks. She was convinced of the many myths, such as that you have to just never wash or brush your hair do get dread locks. I set her straight. She did not give me a yes or no answer, but I sent her a link to a website telling about them and I hope she will see my view.

Have a utopian evening. I wish you all tremendous luck in whatever you choose to endeavor.


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