“My Heart is All A-Flutter and My Hands Are Like Butter- Oh, What To Do About Life?”

The amazing trip was even more amazing than I could ever have imagined. We walked from school together and went to Giant, where Starbursts and M&Ms were purchased. Then we went to the nearby library and I checked out fourteen books. I cannot wait to read them- they all seem to be fantastic.

After the library we wandered around for a bit, filming ourselves being our usual crazy selves. We had rolling-down-hill contests, carried around umbrellas regardless of the lack of rain, and formed the message, ‘Pizuzu.’ using various scarves and jackets. Then we went back to the library, where our parents picked us up.

Overall, a very fun Wednesday. I can’t wait for next week’s Wednesday Club.

Unfortunately, as for the pocket watch I really wanted, the bidding got way too high and I was unable to purchase it… however, I am still looking for another one to buy.

My new Threadless shirts finally came in the mail today. I am using the opening of the package as a reward for me once I finish typing this.

The socks I am wearing are twenty-three years old. I just thought I would tell you that. They are Class of ‘84 socks of my parent’s. I think my mother’s, though I am not positive.

Today I also got papaya juice on my way home from the library! I have been craving something tropical for many a month now, therefore this was extremely satisfying. Not to mention that it was just about the best juice I ever had.

I am very happy right now. I am all a dither (there goes another use of the word of the day!), for some reason. That means excited or nervous, in case you don’t know.

It is Name Yourself Day and Winston Churchill day. I finished my homework and am going to open up my shirts and then read until dinner time. Then I will eat dinner and possibly either read some more or go on MSN messenger, perhaps both.

Happy Wednesday.

Oh yeah, hooray, my birthday is in twenty days! Isn’t that terribly exciting? Of course it is.

I love you all to pieces, whether I know you or not. In fact, I love everything right now. And everyone. Isn’t the world just such a happy place?

Pinky swear, pinky swear. Pins and needles in your hair.


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