Of Words, A Creepy Substitute Teacher, and Video Games

Today was as Monday-like a day as ever. Boring and tiring and lonely. The word of the day is snippet and today’s holidays are Caramel Popcorn Day, No Housework Day, and World Health Day.

Besides the usual droning school day, I played Katamari Damacy once again. I really like that game and it always seems to put me in an excellent mood.

In case you don’t know, which you probably don’t, I will recap the first meeting with the creepy substitute teacher, whose name I do not know, before going on to today’s events.

I had her as a substitute in Health last term. She asked kids questions, the majority of the time being directed towards the girls. She asked girls where they got their hair done, where they lived, when they were home from school, and whether she could buy their gum from them among other things. It was creepy, and extremely pedophile-like, and once our teacher came back the girls told her. She agreed that it was strange, though I don’t know if she told the principal or anything. I do know, however, that she requested that we not have her as a substitute again. And we didn’t.

But then, at the end of the term, about a week ago, we switched from Health to Gym. And, today, we had her as a substitute. Because we had a sub, we basically just played basketball the whole time.

And that was fine, though of course rather boring.

Then, at the end of class, we had finished changing and were going on to lunch. She pulled me aside and, with this sort of nasty smile on her face, went, “So, you’re pregnant?”


I was thinking, ‘WTF?’ As much as I refrain from cussing, I was tempted to say that aloud. But I did not. Instead, I just said, ‘no,’ and then quickly walked away, where I told my friend what the substitute said. I told somebody else, a sort-of-friend-sort-of-acquaintance, and she told me that the sub had asked her whether I was pregnant as well.

And, really, is that legal? I mean, it’s just… I mean, honestly. I’m in high school. I’m normal. I don’t look like I’m pregnant, and I don’t eat strange foods in class or anything. Sure, I’m not that good at sports and therefore not the best at basketball, but I did better than a few others who did not get confronted with ridiculous questions. Not only was it extremely awkward, but embarrassing and uncomfortable as well. I just cannot believe that… I’m awed that she would ask that of a student, with a grin on her face, no less.

Anyway, enough creepy talk. There are two word-related shirts on Threadless that I really, really want to buy. Not more so than a pocket watch, but enough that I can hardly stop thinking about them.

Third Installment of The Boundless Dictionary Project: From Exerting to



















































Good day, sir.

EDIT ABOUT A WEEK LATER: The substitute went to sub at the local middle school and was asking kids what their phone numbers were.  Needless to say, she was FIRED!


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