Of Fresh Air And Lollygagging

Today was the sort Saturday during which I decided to sleep as long as I could before I could not possibly sleep anymore. I fell asleep at around 10:30 pm last night, which was extremely early for me on a weekend. Normally, I go to bed around that time on weekdays and around 12:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, but last night I really had nothing to do so I decided, ah, why not sleep?

Anyway, I finally got up around 11 am, still not dreadfully late. Usually I wake up around 9:00-10:00 on weekends, so it wasn’t that different. An hour or two, nothing major.

My mother decided that we would not go on the computer or watch television (which I didn’t care about, seeing as I rarely watch t.v.) today, at least not for the majority of the day. I took a shower and then went outside, where the weather was quite nice. We planted peach trees, beans, and strawberry plants and then wandered around. I caught potato bugs (alright, technically they are called pill bugs, woodlice, etc., but I have always called them potato bugs) and played with them for a bit, then let them go and wandered around some more. I then put my younger brothers Abie and Benny on leashes (around their stomachs- strangling is bad!) and walked around, pretending they were my pet monsters named Monny and Stu (sort of derived from ‘mon’ of ‘monster’ and ‘ster’ from ‘monster,’ but changed a tad). Fun, I guess. They seemed to enjoy it.

Once we were done with that, I wandered around even more. And I unsuccessfully tried to come up with names for our dog. I was kind of hung up on Octavius (my mother threw it down after saying there was no good nickname for it) and Woodrow (because of Woodrow Wilson, though of course it was pronounced rubbish because the nickname for it, ‘Woody,’ made my mother think of Woody Allen, whom she despises because he had an affair with his stepdaughter or something), but people did not agree. I still want him to be named Teddy, short for Theodore, but of course there just had to be a television show recently on where bad dogs are trained, and there was this really awful dog called Teddy.

Oh, I also played Katamari Damacy on Playstation Two. It’s this awesome game where you just roll around and pick up things.

Then my daddy got home from work and went right into making us clean up a few rooms, because they were a bit (term used loosely) messy.

After that, I did basically nothing, though we got a movie in the mail today, Pay It Forward, and I watched a minute or two of it. I am going to finish watching it after this, actually.

All in all, yes, it was nice to have school off, but not that excellent of a day. Not a day where anything lasting was accomplished, I guess I am trying to say.

The word of the day is polyglot, by the way. It means that one is able to speak, read, or write in a few different languages.

Second Installment of the Boundless Dictionary Project: From Postulated to Dogma
































Hey, did you know that there is a city called Rome on every continent?

Well, now you do.

Time for me to bounce.


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