The Boundless Dictionary Project, ‘T’ Day, Ten Word Friday, and an Abundance of Other Occasions

Today’s holidays (there are five of them!):

[1]Hug a Newsman Day

[2]National Walk To Work Day

[3]Walk Around Things Day

[4]School Librarian Day

[5]Tell A Lie Day

As you may recall, today’s letter of the day is ‘T’ and it also happens to be Ten Word Friday. Please note that I have paraphrased the dictionary definitions and in most cases only included one meaning for each word; there are, of course, many others. The ten words of today are as follows:

[1]Tatterdemalion- one who is tattered or ragged

[2]Tansy- immortality

[3]Patricide- the murder of one’s own father

[4]Jerkwater- insignificant

[5]Insectivorous- one who feeds on insects

[6]Hearsay- rumor

[7]Gratis- free

[8]Forswear- to swear falsely

[9]Fetter- restraint

[10]Blithe- merry, jolly

This day marks the beginning of a project I hope to continue, though I am guessing it will never end.

It was sparked from something my Geometry teacher told us last year; it was basically saying that dictionaries never end, as in if you look up a word then it will have a definition with a word you do not know in it, which will prompt you to look up another word, which in turn will include a word you do not know, and so on, meaning that it will be loopholing for eternity. I thought that was pretty interesting and recently decided that I will test this theory. For time consumption reasons, I will be using the online dictionary at the majority of the time. Because it will obviously never end, I will be continuing this in other posts indefinitely.

Now, on to the first installment! How this works is that I will just post the words. The first word will be ‘thesaurus,’ because I like irony. After all, I am using a dictionary rather than a thesaurus.

First Installment: From Thesaurus To Postulated































There; I think thirty is a nice, even number to start off with. So, in this installment I went from ‘thesaurus’ to ‘postulated.’ Interesting.

Ooh, for anybody who is interested, here are the designs of the four shirts I recently purchased from

[1]Calling Home

[2]Damn Scientists

[3]She Doesn’t Even Realize

[4]Lost A Wheel

I am off to do nothing now. Though, actually, I believe my mother has just finished making cookies. Perhaps I will have one of those and then… read, maybe. Yes, I think I will read.

Peace out.


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