A Delightful Gaggle of Unrelated Yet All Momentous Happenings

…that occurred within the last hour or two.  I just had to post for a second time today in order to share them.

 [1] The Threadless shirts, you know, the ones I wanted?  Well, I bought them.  They should be here within one to five days.  There are four of them, which will bring my total up to eighteen shirts from there.  I own.

[2]I was in the kitchen, emptying out the drainer and minding my own business, when I walk across the room to put a stack of cups in the cabinet and ‘BAM!,’ the silverware compartment just flies all over the place.  Silverware-putting-away is Abie’s job, but I did it anyway.  About one third of the silverware was knives.  I picked those up first and guess what?  There were exactly thirteen of them.  And they had come flying at me.  This is slightly terrifying to me, as I am quite superstitious about some things, the number thirteen being one of them.

[3]I forgot to mention that we did the rower in Gym (aka daily torturefest) today and I beat my personal score from last year by two minutes and ten seconds!  I still did at least a minute worse than the vast majority of the class (maybe better than one or two, but I doubt it), but hey, at least I beat my own goal.  And I have the painful blisters all over my hands to prove it.

[4]My sister (Clare) had to donate a bottle of soda for some fundraiser something or another at her school, but she waited until today to turn it in.  It turns out they have enough soda so, hurray, we get to keep it!  Best of all, it’s Ginger Ale, which is my second favorite soda after Cherry Pepsi!  I just had a nice, ice cold cup of it and it’s all bubbly and lovely.

Anyway, sorry about the late night rant.  Good night and sweet dreams, human beings and martians!


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