A Humdrum Thursday, But Nonetheless Phenomenal

And you question how so, if today was so very monotonous? Well, first of all, it was a Thursday. Thursday is actually my favorite day of the week. Not only because I think it is way too underappreciated, but also because it is the day right before Friday, and Friday signals the weekend’s beginning. However, Friday could not possibly be my favorite day of the week because it is normally the time when I will not see any of my friends for a few days, until Monday when school begins again. I am awful at planning things and often end up procrastinating terribly, so weekend plans are usually out of the question. Anyway, there was no use to do all of this ranting to merely explain why Thursday is my favorite day of the week. What I was really planning on typing up-

So, as I mentioned, today was a lovely day regardless of all of the normalcy. It was Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day as well as Tweed Day, both of which I did not celebrate because a.) I prefer to go to school rather than break the law, and b.) I do not own anything tweed.

My chosen word of the day was oblivion. Its meaning fascinates me, having to do with the state of being forgotten. They amaze me greatly, the thoughts that came to mind upon reading this definition; for instance, do things exist if they are forgotten?

I asked my friend Laura this very question, and she made some valid points.

For example-

[1]If they are merely memories that have been forgotten, then no, they do not exist.


[2]If they are forgotten objects, then they still do exist, relatively at least.

Anyway, tomorrow is Ten Word Friday. The letter of the day happens to be ‘T’ tomorrow, so at least one of those ten words will have to begin with a ‘T.’

Ooh, and I am now extending a thanks to the abovementioned Laura, who kindly allowed me to borrow her book titled The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told. It’s amazing.

Threadless is having a five dollar sale on a few select shirts, four of which I am planning on buying.

I just thought I’d let you all know that.

On a much more interesting and thought-provoking note, I have been thinking for a while and… I want to get dread locks. No, seriously. I have been reading up on them, and looking at pictures, and have found that those with dread locks have their lives changed from them, all because of merely a hairstyle. Getting dread locks, it seems, is a spiritual process (or some sort of rigmarole like that) and I would like to get them very much. I have been considering this for about a month or two now, and my opinion has remained unwavering. However, every time I try to mention it to my parents I end up chickening out. I just feel like they would find it funny and think it was all a joke, and not take me seriously in the slightest. I suppose I will have to find a good time to tell them, and accumulate a few of the many reasons I wish to. I just know that, after the initial joking phase, they will get all serious and try to convince me otherwise, planting dumb reasons in my mind and trying to sway my opinion.

In any case, I am going to stop writing and ranting here. I already am having to type this up extremely quickly because I am babysitting my little sister Lydia. She is currently watching Shrek a few feet away from me, but I am sure her attention will not be held for much longer.

So, to all of you, best wishes.

Don’t let the wake bugs bite.

P.S. My family is getting a Chocolate Lab puppy in about two months.  It will be a male.  He was born a few days ago and pictures will be sent to us soon.  At any rate, I am telling you this to ask for name ideas.  I wanted to name him Teddy (possibly short for Theodore as in Theodore Roosevelt, yet also doubling as a tribute to Ted Lupin, orphaned at such a young age during the final installment of the Harry Potter series) but my family is vetoing that idea.  My second choice was tied between Bartholomew, Barnaby, and President.  I love all of them equally, but once again my family has completely vetoed those ideas.  Their suggestions have been becoming increasingly more awful- Bruno, Moose, and Guy among them,  I just don’t want a dog-sounding name.  I want one that is named after either a president or book character or is merely a regal-sounding name, but my family does not share the same opinions.  Ah, well, at least I will be able to name my chicken whatever I wish to.


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