The Very First Day of Spring Break Which Turned Out, Shockingly, A Bit More Uneventful Then I Thought It Would Be

I woke up around 10 am (I believe it was exactly 9:51, but I rounded it up) this morning. Then I proceeded to go on the computer and waste time for the good part of two or three hours. After that, my mother told me I had been on the computer for too long (which I had) and kicked me off. Wandering around the house, I found that two more movies I had been waiting for had arrived on Netflix: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Are You Afraid Of The Dark: Freaky Favorites, Disc 1. Naturally, this thrilled me and also gave me something to do. Borrowing my older brother’s laptop (he’s off from college on Spring Break as well), I spent at least two-and-a-half hours watching the first and one episode of the second video. I haven’t seen the fourth movie for quite a while, and the time I did see it I did not get to appreciate the full effect because I had to go to bed or something before finishing it. It was okay, I guess, although I haven’t read the book in a while and I still noticed many things that were left out, making it so that if I had not read the book then I would not have understood it very well. Nevertheless, it was interesting.Afterwards, I watched the first episode of the latter movie. It’s an episode of an old television show that I was terrified of when I was little. I believe that this particular episode was titled, ‘The Tale of the Virtual Pets.’ It was about how technology basically ruined everything for these kids. It was pretty intense, and I’m actually shivering as I type this up considering the main dangerous electronic was a computer.

Oh yeah- while on the computer, I made a birthday list. Even if my birthday is a ways away, I’ll probably forget about it once I’m closer to it. Some of the items include… well, I’m not going to spoil it. But they’re all pretty cool things that I hope to receive. Even better, they’re all relatively cheap so I won’t feel bad about money being spent on me.

Now for the most eventful part of my day, which happened before the movie-watching and after the web-surfing-marathon: making a robot.

I made an awesome robot out of various cardboard boxes, a granola bar box and some other box of I don’t know what. I also used an old blue masterlock lock, some aluminum foil, scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, a red paperclip, and orange paper. The end product was a nice robot whose head doubles as a bank and body is a safe. I haven’t decided much of what I am going to put inside it, but definitely the lime green game boy color and bright yellow walkman of my childhood. They always seem to go missing and need to be kept safe.


Well, I am off to take out the trash before my father reminds me to. I believe we are even going to roast marshmallows shortly, though I’m not sure whether my grandfather was joking about that. I hope he wasn’t.

And she’s off!

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